Transgender 16-Year-Old Freezes Eggs So ‘He’ Can Become A Dad In Future, Wants to Teach Kids P.E.


Transgender teen Riley Middlemore has frozen her eggs before undergoing gender reassignment surgery in order that she can become a ‘biological dad’ after becoming a man.

Sixteen year old Riley hopes to undergo gender reassignment surgery on the National Health Service (NHS) when she is 18 – but says that this will not stop her having a family of her own.

Riley was born a girl called Rebecca, but revealed to her mother last Christmas that she wanted to have a gender change.

She now shaves what was once long brown hair and binds her 34C breasts ahead of full gender reassignment. At an estimated cost to the tax payer of £10,000, she will be able to undergo a mastectomy, hysterectomy and penis construction when she reaches 18 years old – reports the Mail.

Riley initially came out as gay last December, but shortly afterwards told her mother she wanted to become a man. Her mother was due to meet her then-girlfriend, who knew of Riley’s male aspirations. She explained:

“Mum was coming round to have tea with my then girlfriend. I was worried my partner might refer to me as ‘Riley’ or ‘he’. I said to Mum, ‘I need to tell you something’.

“She said, ‘You want to be a boy?’ She had guessed, and just hugged me.”

Other family members are equally supportive: “My brothers have all been very accepting. People have called me names, but they are just ignorant.”

The Mirror reports why Riley has decided to freeze her eggs. She said:

“I want to get married one day. I’ve always wanted a family and I love children. My partner would be the surrogate and carry my eggs. That way I can have children that are biologically mine with my partner.”

Riley, who says she was always a tomboy, starts college next month where she will be studying sport, aiming to become a Physical Education teacher to children in future.

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