Revealed: Acid Attacker Is Muslim Convert – Not Mentioned In BBC, Media

Acid Attack 1

Billal Kidd­ Mujahideen and his brother briefly became the most wanted men the UK last week, following a gruesome acid attack on a mother of six. More than a week after Billal’s religious affiliations were exposed, however, the BBC and most of the mainstream media are continuing to report only his Christian name, with no mention of the fact that he appears to be a Muslim convert.

Just yesterday, the BBC reported the latest in the case of brothers “Billy” and “Geoffrey Midmore,” 22 and 26; two twisted men who have now been apprehended and charged with grievous bodily harm with intent and conspiracy respectively.

Acid Attack 2They allegedly threw acid in the face of mother Carla Whitlock outside a Southampton bar on the 18th of September, melting the skin on her face, arms and neck and potentially blinding her in the right eye.

The BBC – along with The Telegraph, Sky News, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, The Independent and most of the mainstream media – thought that the fact the main suspect was an Islamic convert was completely irrelevant in the reporting of him allegedly committing a distinctly Islamic crime, according to what looks like typically hard-line, Islamist motive (Whitlock was a woman, out drinking, alone, in a skirt).

Billal’s Facebook page is still live and easy find with a quick Google search. His URL is “billy.midmore” but his screen name is “Billal Kidd Mujahideen,” suggesting he has changed his name since setting up his Facebook page.

So, from a quick Internet search one can ascertain he has recently Islamised his name, confirming religious conversion. He is also bearded in his profile picture [above], with his index finger raised in a typical Islamist/Islamic State pose.

The Mirror published the fact he had changed his name as well as reporting that he was indeed an Islamic convert on the 26th of last month. However, not a single news outfit appears to have followed them at the time of writing.

Billal was on the run after fleeing his home in South London, as he was already wanted by the police for other crimes when the acid attack occurred, The Mirror reports. Speculation online suggests Billal fled his home because of his conversion to Islam.

According to data from the Health and Social Care Information Centre, hospital admissions in the UK from attacks with acid and other corrosive substances have almost doubled in a decade.


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