Replace Civil With Sharia Law, Say 4-in-10 Muslims

sharia law

A new poll has found almost 40 per cent of Muslims living in Denmark believe laws in the country should be based on Quranic Sharia Law, indicating a confident belief in the dominion of Islam over the nation.

The figures come from a poll commissioned by Denmark’s best-selling daily the Jyllands-Posten, which found that 11.3 per cent of Muslims in Denmark thought all Danish law should be swept away and replaced with the law as laid down in the Quran.

A radical suggestion as it is, the poll had some good news in the 26.5 per cent of more moderate Muslims who think only some parts of Denmark’s legal system should be repealed and reconstituted as Islamic law. One such moderate voice was that of Imam Radwan Mansour of the Peace Mosque in Aarhus, Jutland. He told the paper: “Denmark is not an Islamic country. We have determined it is not. So I think Danish law should be based on both the Quran and the constitution”.

Together the two groups make up some 37.8 per cent of Muslims in the country who think the national legal system should be wholly or part Islamic. Estimating how many people this is, exactly, is difficult – Danish law prevents the government recording precisely how many Muslims there are. Conservative figures based on old data suggests at least one in 20 of all Denmark’s five million people are Muslims, but the true number is likely to be far higher today.

This poll comes as part of a series on the attitudes of Muslims in Denmark, commissioned by the Jyllands-Posten ten years after violent protests in Denmark and around the world following their publishing of cartoons of Mohammed. Figures released last week, and reported by Breitbart London showed the deepening radicalisation of Muslims in the country, as 77 per cent were found to agree with the statement “the Quran’s instructions should be followed completely”.

This slavish dedication to the literal interpretation of the Quran, which includes commandments to slay enemies of the religion, may show a hardening of attitudes – the approval rate stood at only 66 per cent in 2006.

This surprised Sociologist Brian Arly Jacobsen of the University of Copenhagen, who said Muslims should have become more integrated with Danish society in time, not less: “It seems that Danish Muslims have become more religious in all dimensions, both in terms of faith and practice.

“Generally, we would expect that the opposite would happen, and that they would eventually come to resemble the rest of the Danes, who are not particularly religious”.

The research also found the prevalence of retrograde social attitudes. When asked, a majority of Muslims in Denmark rejected the idea of their daughter marrying outside the faith.

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