EXCLUSIVE PICS: Over 1000 Gather To Demand Justice For ‘Marine A’ Imprisoned For Killing Taliban Combatant

marine a
Breitbart London / Rachel Megawhat

LONDON, United Kingdom – Over 1,000 people gathered on Parliament Square in Westminster today to demand justice for ‘Marine A’ Sergeant Alexander Blackman, who was imprisoned in 2013 for the “murder” of a Taliban enemy combatant in Helmand, Afghanistan, in 2011.

Sgt. Blackman, 41, was handed a life sentence after Britain’s High Court ruled that he breached by 2006 Armed Forces Act by killing an enemy combatant. The court ruled that the enemy was injured, disarmed, and imprisoned, and therefore ruled the case was a murder.

A video of the incident shows Sgt. Blackman allegedly telling the Taliban combatant: “There you are, shuffle off this mortal coil, you cunt. It’s nothing you wouldn’t do to us”.

But campaigners argue that Sgt. Blackman’s trial in a civilian court is both extraordinary and serves to cover up the failings of his seniors. The marine is known to have suffered multiple losses of friends in Helmand, as well as having been on the receiving end of a number of deadly Taliban attacks. He argued that he believed his enemy was already dead when he shot him.

Over 1000 supporters, including well known figures and many former and current members of the Armed Services, gathered in Westminster today to protest his treatment by the British government.

In attendance were Marine A supporters including author Frederick Forsyth, former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, and Members of Parliament.



Richard Drax MP stands in solidarity with supporters of the campaign / Breitbart London / Rachel Megawhat


Supporters cross from Westminster underground station to the Square to join the meting / Breitbart London / Rachel Megawhat



Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson shows his support / Breitbart London / Rachel Megawhat



Supporters representing the WRENS – the old Women’s Royal Navy Service / Breitbart London / Rachel Megawhat



Breitbart London / Rachel Megawhat



Not letting anything get in the way of this opportunity to show solidarity with a comrade / Breitbart London / Rachel Megawhat



Breitbart London / Rachel Megawhat



Although a serious occasion, the event was not devoid of humour… / Breitbart London / Rachel Megawhat



Per Mare, Per Terram / Breitbart London / Rachel Megawhat


All pictures Breitbart London / Rachel Megawhat.



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