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‘Marine A’ to Walk Free TONIGHT

Royal Marine Alexander Blackman – better known as ‘Marine A’ – will be released from jail tonight, weeks after having his murder conviction overturned.


Guidelines Drawn up by Judge Who Rejected ‘Marine A’ Appeal Mean Softer Sentences for Minority Criminals

New guidelines drawn up by the Sentencing Council instruct judges to take into account the “discrimination and negative experiences of authority” experienced by “black and minority ethnic children and young people” when handing down rulings, in “a complete reversal” of the principle that “the law is the same for everyone regardless of background, race or gender”.

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Bail Denied: ‘Marine A’ Will Spend Christmas in Prison

Lord Chief Justice Lord John Thomas has denied Royal Marine Sergeant Alex Blackman a conditional release today, meaning he will spend Christmas in prison ahead of his case review in Summer 2017. The ruling comes after the original decision, expected

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‘Marine A’ Not Released at Royal Court of Justice Bail Hearing

Jailed marine Sergeant Alex Blackman will not be released from prison for the time being, as the Royal Courts of Justice have decided to defer a decision on his bail hearing until next week, the most senior judge in England and Wales has ruled.


Imprisoned ‘Marine A’ Wins Right To Appeal

The serviceman who is known as “Marine A.” may have a chance to go free as a new review has led to doubts over his murder conviction for the killing of a Taliban captive in Afghanistan.


EXCLUSIVE PICS: Servicemen Rally to Free ‘Marine A’

Hundreds of supporters of “Marine A”, who was jailed for shooting a mortally wounded terrorist in Afghanistan, have rallied outside Parliament today to renew calls for his release from prison.