Geert Wilders Visit Down Under: A Success And A Warning To Australia

Geert Wilders

I was wholeheartedly honoured to attend and speak at the launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) in Perth last week. What a fantastic week for a fantastic party. The launch included a keynote speech from Dutch MP Geert Wilders, which ensured the nationwide and international media coverage that the party deserves.

Australia desperately needs the ALA. These are decent people who want to pass on the Australia they know and love to their children.

I had thought prior to my arrival that the Aussies are not quite in the fix we Europeans find ourselves, and while this still remains true, Australia is heading, very rapidly, down the same road as the rest of us – political correctness, left-wing bullying and lies, leaders who refuse to listen to those with concerns about Islamic immigration, and a mainstream media entirely complicit and approving of all of the above.

Some of the coverage of the ALA launch is worth surveying. As is the case here in Europe, mainstream journalism in Australia has decided that the new party is the problem, and not what it wants to oppose. The usual labels of “far-right” are thrown around, and most of the Australian press seems to believe that their country is a shining example of multicultural harmony; despite the overwhelming evidence to suggest otherwise.

Take this example from the Daily Telegraph in Sydney which claimed that Wilders was in Australia to “water the seeds of discontent”. It then accused him, of course, of being motivated by “hatred”. The writer speculates as to just where Mr Wilders’ “hatred” might have come from.

His objections to Muslim immigration are a complete mystery it seems. Extraordinarily, and yet typically, there is acknowledgement of the genuine threat that Wilders and the new ALA candidates have to contend with – thereby proving their point about the problems Muslim immigration brings – but the writer still cannot connect the dots and understand that it is the fact that our politicians are threatened that is causing some of them to fight back. The fight is one for our very civilisation.

This one from the website suggests that an “ugly” Australia will emerge if the ALA sees significant success. It quotes one Professor Andrew Markus of Monash University as stating: “There will always be a segment of the community that is not happy with change”.

But it isn’t change that the ALA opposes, it is sharia law, special privileges for religious bullies, misogyny, gang-rape, intimidation, honour killing, and all the other niceties that mass Muslim immigration brings to Western societies. Even those who accept there is a problem, such as a second professor quoted in the same article, are adamant that the only problem is “radicalisation” and the ever-popular “tiny minority” of extremists.

Wrong. In Somalia, 90-odd per cent of girls have their genitals butchered by their own families. This is not a tiny minority. In places like Pakistan, people are horrifically murdered (by law) for having an opinion. The law of the land is not the domain of a tiny minority or an extreme radical fringe. Common sense should tell us that when people move from those countries to Australia, they will bring many ghastly practices with them – this is what the ALA was set up to resist. Good, because very few other Aussie “pollies” are up to the task.

The politicians Down Under sound distinctly like the weak-willed careerists we’ve become so accustomed to in Europe. The Premier of Western Australia (WA), the state in which the launch took place, said that Wilders would not be allowed to use any public buildings during his visit to Perth.

Therefore, Colin Barnett unilaterally decided that those who support Geert Wilders in Australia, or agree with his right to make his arguments openly and without demonisation, are barred from Western Australia’s publicly owned spaces. Only certain opinions are permitted a public airing in Western Australia. It’s all sounding very familiar.

The opposition leader in WA added his tuppence worth by complaining about “overseas” politicians causing trouble. I wonder if he’s ever said the same about the “overseas” jihadis who preach violence and rape in his country – one suspects not.

Politicians from across the floor jostled to the front of condemnation queue, desperate to ensure their PC credentials by vilifying Wilders and the ALA and ensuring that none of the valid points they raise are actually discussed. One politician reminded the ALA that Australia has constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion. He must have forgotten to mention that freedom of religion is one of the core reasons that the ALA opposes Islam.

The reality of the death penalty for blasphemy and apostasy that is widespread in the Islamic world also appears to have slipped his mind.

In short, Australia is a few years behind us, but it is well on its way to full-blown dhimmitude if something doesn’t change fast; enter the Australian Liberty Alliance. Their core policies are a 10 year moratorium on immigration from member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, an end to divisive multiculturalism, the restoration of true freedom of speech, a reduction in bloated and wasteful government, the establishment of common sense and respect in Australian society, and the preservation of this great country for future generations.

The launch itself was high-spirited and the people were passionate and energetic. The atmosphere was one of hope and determination. The ALA’s candidates are exciting and talented and I have no doubt they will shake Australian politics and change that country’s direction. In the last few years, Australia has witnessed what we all have across the West – terrorist attacks, child marriage, gang- rapes, the sanitisation of sharia by leaders and media, and the growth of a sinister anti-Western sentiment.

There are problems in schools, problems with corruption, and needless to say, vocal demands from suit-and-tie jihadis to introduce sharia law in family and financial matters for Muslims in Australia. A few years ago, ABC reported that the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils “in a submission to the Federal Parliament’s Committee on Multicultural Affairs… asked for the change [the introduction of sharia family law].”

Ikebal Patel, the Federation’s president, gave a master-class in double-speak when pushing his sharia agenda. According to the report, Patel agreed that the word sharia conjures up images of a “fierce, unjust, male-dominated legal code”.

Of course it conjures up those images, because that is precisely what it is.

Patel assures us that sharia “guarantees women’s rights that are not recognised in mainstream Australian courts”. Can’t argue with that; Australian law allows a woman the same right to divorce as a man, it allows her the right to leave a violent marriage, it allows her the right to be a grown-up if and when she marries, and her testimony has the same value as her husband’s. None of this exists under sharia so in that respect he’s absolutely right.

Following his organisation’s submission for sharia family law, Patel firmly asserted that “there’s no aspect of sharia that is being tried to be introduced here”, followed by a claim that everyone would benefit if sharia were instituted. Confused? That’s the idea. You’re not supposed to know the truth about the tyranny that these taqiyya merchants are sneaking through the back door, if you did, you may just oppose it….and that would never do.

I went to the launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance to offer my fullest support to that wonderful group of brave and principled people, but also to ask for their help in the restoration of free speech throughout the West. Following the cartoons, I said I intended to build a global coalition for free speech, and I can think of few better places to start than Australia.

As I told them on the night of the launch, the ALA will have to take many punches; they’ll be smeared, bullied, harassed, threatened, and vilified by their own leaders and media. They will need to find the inner strength to stand firm on their message, and to get up again when they are knocked down. Having met the candidates, and their fantastic president Debbie Robinson, I don’t think that is going to be a problem.

Good luck to the Australian Liberty Alliance. They deserve every success that is coming their way.

Anne Marie Waters is a London Assembly Member candidate for the UK Independence Party


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