Austrian Mayor: Stop Male Migrants, Women and Kids Only

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The mayor of Austria’s second city has said there is no space for single male migrants in his country, and the government should only accept women, children, and families.

Right-wing Mayor Siegfried Naglof the Austrian People’s Party expressed his views on the Europe migrant crisis this week, going further than any other mainstream Austrian politician on the action he would take to control the flow of humans into Austria.

Going further than the increasingly mainstream view that a fence may be required with Slovakia, just weeks ago condemned as an action as bad as Nazism but now openly discussed by government, Mayor Naglof told journalists he wanted to ban single male migrants and refugees from entering Austria at all, reports

Speaking of families, women, and lone children he said: “for these people we have a place, but the men who want to come for help, we must make it clear to them that here, there is no capacity”.

When pressed on whether this would be difficult to implement based on international law governing the handling of refugees and migration, Mayor Naglof was not deterred. He said: “on a ship that is in distress, it’s women and children first to be saved, not the men”.

Mayor Naglof accepts that closing the Austrian border and picking which migrants to accept at the crossings would cause “ugly scenes”, but he insists there is no other alternative.

His initiative, if put into practice would significantly reduce the number of migrants entering Austria. Although many media outlets predominantly portray migrant arrivals as women or children, the truth is quite different, with the vast majority of newcomers to the continent being young men.

It is perhaps unsurprising the mayor of Graz has such a low opinion of male migrants. His city has been affected by protests over the past week by self-proclaimed asylum seekers over the past week, who have taken to the streets with banners to complain about how they are being treated.

Speaking to Russian television crews, a Syrian migrant explained why they were protesting: “to ask the government why they are so slow with us? In other provinces it is more fast… two, three months and here in [Graz] we have to wait for one year, one and a half year, and it’s really hard for us.

“We cannot do anything; we cannot work, we cannot bring our family, we cannot claim… because its costly for us and we don’t have that much money for that”.

The protest finally finished yesterday as the weather turned cold, and the migrants abandoned their protest camp in the city park.

Mayor Naglof was one of the eye-witnesses of a terror attack by a young immigrant in Graz earlier this year. As Breitbart London reported in June, three were killed , including a four-year-old boy, and 36 more injured after a sports utility vehicle was driven up and down Graz’s main shopping street.

Hitting speeds of 90 miles an hour the driver, a Bosnian Muslim, crashed into crowds of shoppers, before disembarking his smashed car and setting upon his disabled victims with a “large knife”. Although the attack follows a pattern officially condoned by the Islamic State and seen practised in the United Kingdom, France, and Israel, Austrian police have refused to call the killings terrorism.

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