UKIP Deputy Leader In Jerusalem: Slams Multiculturalism, Pakistani Rape Gangs, and EU Control

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The UK Independence Party’s (UKIP) deputy leader Paul Nuttall has spoken at the International Leaders’ Summit in Jerusalem, Israel today, highlighting the risks he believes the United Kingdom faces from parallel legal systems applied in the country.

His speech, aimed at Muslims who fail to integrate into British society, began with a claim that the history of the United Kingdom and its legal system were being “sacrificed on the alter of political correctness and indeed multiculturalism”.

“Over half our laws are no longer made… in Westminster by our elected representatives. Half our laws are made in Brussels, and they’re not made by Members of the European Parliament who are elected… they’re made by the European Commission… none of them are elected, none of them are accountable to the people”.

“I feel that many of the hard won victories that my country secured in the 20th century have been given away in the 21st… You would not accept it here in Israel, you would not accept it in the United States and it should not be accepted in Britain”.

“I now want to turn to a thorny issue,” he said, before moving on to speak about Shariah Law.

“In my country, tolerance has led to intolerance. We turn a blind eye to practices we would never condone. There are 85 shariah courts in Britain today. Where the word of a woman is only worth half that of a man. Where a man can simply divorce a woman by simply saying ‘I divorce you..’ on three occasions”.

He revealed that a poll in the Midlands in the UK revealed that two thirds of Muslim women said their husband has more than one wife.

“Polygamy is condoned whereas bigamy is illegal under British law.”

“In some cases women are returned to violent households,” he said. “No matter what religion you practice, you should all sign up to one law,” he asserted.

“There are 170,000 girls walking around in Britain today how have been female genitally mutilated. It has been illegal for over 20 years but there has not been one single prosecution.

“There are 8,000 forced marriages every single year”.

And then Mr. Nuttall turned to the grooming scandals, referring to incidents like that in Rotherham where thousands of young white girls were systematically raped by predominantly Asian, Muslim men.

“Girls as young as 11 years of age by men of Pakistani origin… the police did nothing… they refused to enforce the law because they were worried about community cohesion.

“We must never turn a blind eye to scandals like this… we must protect young women in our country. Politicians must not turn a blind eye to wrongdoing… we must be brave… we must not be afraid of being called an Islamophobe, or a racist, or a xenophobe. The law is the law. And it doesn’t matter what religion you practice, what culture you’re from. When in Rome, act like the Romans.”

“We are the country of Magna Carta but unfortunately we have lost our way,” he concluded.

“We in my party are going to stand up for normal, hard-working British people and ensure we have one land, one law, and everyone abides by it. Thank you very much.”


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