Little White Slag: What the Muslim Men Who Mass Raped A 13 Year Old English Girl Called Her

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A schoolgirl who was allegedly subjected to months of rape and sexual abuse by a gang of Muslim men said her attackers called her a “little white slag” and a “white bastard” as she wept on the floor.

The girl, who was aged 13 and 14 at the time, was allegedly attacked in various public locations, including parks, churchyards and carparks, in the town of Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Bradford Crown Court heard that ringleader Ahmed Choudhury, who is not on trial, was the first to rape when she tried to stop dealing drugs for him.

The Daily Mail reports that she told police she was 12 when she first met him and dealt drugs for him for a “fair few months”, but was unclear of exact dates.

The court heard that when she refused to deal drugs for him he started shouting abuse at her, and when she tried to leave he pulled her back and raped her.

She first told police she was 12 when she was raped, but said she could have been 13.

“He knew how old I was, he’d seen me in my school uniform,” she said.

After the alleged rape Choudhury laughed as she cried. She told police she felt “Like crap. Like shit because I’m there thinking I’m doing him a favour when really all he’s done is used me and abused me.”

She also said she was a virgin at the time of attack.

Choudhury then allegedly introduced her to the defendants, who abused her at a variety of locations around the town.

A total of 14 men, including a teenager who cannot be named for legal reasons, are on trial for a total of 28 offences, including rape and sexual abuse.

Nasir Khan, 23, Tauqeer Hussain, 23, and Yasser Kabir, 25, are each charged with three counts of rape. Brothers Sufyan and Bilal Ziarab, 22 and 21, are each charged with two counts of rape, as is Hussain Sardar, 19.

Saqib Younis, 29, Israr Ali, 19, Faisal Khan, 27, and Zain Ali, 20, are also each charged with two counts of rape.

Rohail Hussain, 18, Rohail Iqbal, 22, and the 17-year-old are each charged with one count of rape.

Mohammed Akram, 62, is charged with one count of sexual activity with a child under 16.

The trial continues.

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