Syrian Migrant Assaulted Three Women In Two Hour Rampage

German Police

German police have arrested a 24-year-old Syrian migrant on Wednesday for a string of attacks on German women, including sex assaults.

Striking in the East German Saxon town of Mittweida, the man attacked women in the early hours. A police spokesperson said the first assault was at 05:50 on Wednesday morning, as the migrant attacked a 30-year-old woman and demanded money from her. When she refused, he started to sexually molest her.

The woman was saved from the attack when she fought back and cried out, alerting others to the situation. One witness called out to the attacker that he had called the police, prompting the Syrian man to break off his attack and run, reports the Chemnitz Freie Presse, to whom local police also confirmed the nationality of the suspect.

Just 20 minutes later the man struck again, this time attempting to rape a 50-year-old woman, pulling her to the ground. This woman too was released by the perpetrator only when a 26-year-old witness ran to her aid, again causing the man to flee.

Shortly afterwards, and just an hour after the start of the first assault the man struck again, asking a 63-year-old woman for money. When she refused his request, the migrant attempted to snatch her handbag, but again ran away when confronted with resistance. This time, the victim started to hit the attacker with her umbrella.

Armed with the descriptions of all three victims, the police were able to quickly arrest the suspect, who told officers he was unable to remember any attacks as he was under the influence of alcohol. The suspect stood before a magistrate this morning wearing the clothes he had been arrested in — a khaki t-shirt and cut-off jeans.

The incident is just one of a catalogue of sex attacks launched by migrant males with poor understanding of Western values. Breitbart London reported on the case of a violent gang rape in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite beating and repeatedly anally and vaginally raping a young woman over the course of hours and leaving her with life-changing injuries, the three men charged received just between six and nine months in a junior detention facility each.

Like many migrants arriving in Europe the men claimed to have lost their passports and told police they were under the age of 18, meaning they were tried as minors for their violent crime.

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