Iran-Produced Video: US Really Behind Paris Terrorist Massacre


TEL AVIV- A video titled “Who Was Behind the Paris Attacks,” released by the office of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, alleges that the US and its allies were the real​ perpetrators ​behind the jihadist massacre ​in Paris ​that​ killed 132 people​.

The US and allies, claimed the video, created ISIS and provided them with weapons in order to further their own interests, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported. Khamenei’s website also published a cartoon titled “Big Brother Goofed!”, showing Uncle Sam flinging an ISIS boomerang at Syria and the boomerang returning to strike France.

These​ missives ​follow ​the Iranian Foreign Ministry​’s claim that France is paying the price for using ISIS terrorism to promote its own interests, MEMRI reported.

Regime officials further berated the West for only expressing shock when Sunni ISIS terrorism strikes their home, ​while​ failing to ​sympathize when the victims are in Syria, Iraq, and other places around the world.

Iranian daily Kayhan, which is affiliated with Supreme Leader Khamenei, published an editorial ​that claimed Edward Snowden’s revelations prove that the CIA and ​the ​ Mossad were involved in establishing ISIS.

The editor of Kayhan wrongly claimed ​that ​ Snowden revealed ​that​  the leader of ISIS was trained extensively by ​the ​ Mossad. The editor, Hossein Shariatmadari, predicted that​,​ following the carnage in France, the US and other Western countries are ​next in line, as well as Saudi Arabia, Qatar​​ and Turkey.

 “The terrorist elements,” wrote Shariatmadari, “realize who the enemy is and are coming home to roost. That is, anyone who creates a wasps’ nest should expect the wasps to return to the nest.”

“ISIS elements are not the good soldiers of Iran and Hizbullah, who defend the innocent with their bodies. Rather, they are people with no sense, cultivated by the Zionists, Americans, British, French, and Saudis, and will attack anywhere there is an opportunity… The French are paying for the crimes of their ministers.”

The newspaper published a follow-up editorial ​that  stated: “It has been said that America wants to shock its supporters in order to warn them that if they quit supporting America and the terrorists, they will be struck​. ​ … According to this logic, France, the European country with the smallest military presence in Syria, was chosen.”

The newspaper further claimed that the Paris terrorist attack was part of a US and Zionist plot to dispatch an army to the Middle East, a plot that began with 9/11 and the subsequent invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. France, the newspaper claimed, has unwittingly become a “pawn” of the “US and Zionist regimes.”


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