WATCH: Sweden Democrats Launch Film Showing Bleak Migrant Life In Frozen North

A European anti-mass migration political party is launching a major information campaign to put off would-be migrants travelling north, promising a hard welcome and bad weather.

The Sweden Democrats, despite desperate attempts by the mainstream Swedish media to alternately ignore them or portray them as ‘neo-Nazi’ thugs are now one of the most popular political parties in the country. Not content with just canvassing Swedish citizens for their votes, they are also targeting migrants with their campaign, doing the job they believe the government is unwilling to itself — controlling unlimited mass migration.

Posting on their Facebook page, the Sweden Democrats said of the campaign: “The government is helpless under the current asylum pressure. Therefore, we begin to advertise in Europe and the Middle East to warn those who intend to get here due to false hopes. Sweden can not do more, and it is time that there will be a change, for real!”. The campaign will be accompanied with advertisements taken out in Turkey, reports

The launch of a hard-hitting information video and accompanying website yesterday was made in English — the common language of the majority of illegal migrants and self-professed asylum seekers coming to Sweden from all over the world. Quickly gaining traction, the film has already been watched a quarter of a million times in the 24-hours since release.

Shot in cold, harsh tones the film shows the bleak existence migrants can expect if they come to overcrowded Sweden where every bed is already taken after a record-breaking year of foreign incursion into the nation. The view pans along rows of uncomfortable looking thin mattresses on a gymnasium floor, each equipped with a toilet roll, tooth brush and towel.

Accompanied with dramatic music, the action cuts to scenes of deep snow drifts, homeless migrants sleeping in underpasses, and violent civil unrest. Bold captions superimposed over images of driving rain and bleak accommodation blocks read “no money”, “no jobs”, “no homes”, and “no welfare”.

Fading to rolling static the final caption reads “welcome to Sweden” and points the viewer toward newly launched Working on the assumption that almost all of the migrants crossing Europe will have internet enabled mobile phones, the simple one-page site explains:

“You might have heard that Sweden is a safe and peaceful country, and it used to be. However, our country has changed… Sweden used to be a country of wealth. Unfortunately, that time has passed. Today, Sweden is not even capable of properly taking care of its own citizens”.

“With an already existing severe job shortage, we currently lack the ability to provide our own citizens with jobs, and if you are a non-European citizen you will have an extremely small chance of getting a job. In fact unemployment among immigrants in Sweden is already among the highest in Europe and it is still increasing”.

Swedish media has described the film as “dystopian”.

The film and website follow the recent leaflet campaign launched by the Sweden Democrats. Again not meant for Swedish voters, party volunteers travelled to Greece with flyers informing freshly arrived migrants they would be wasting their time heading north, and were better off trying to settle elsewhere.

The flyers hit many of the same points as the new film and used the same imagery. As Breitbart London reported earlier this month, the flyers also made promises about a future Sweden where the Democrats hold, or share power. Explaining what improvements to Swedish life they want to make after the 2018 general election, the flyer said:

“Sweden is a modern Western country. Here, women and men are equal. Forced marriages and polygamy will never be accepted. Halal slaughter, wearing niqab or burqa in public places will be forbidden in our country”.

A Sweden Democrat spokesman said the idea behind the campaign was to get “space in the media, on television and newspapers outside Europe. The goal is for it to reach people before they start to come”.

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