Afghan Migrant Brutally Raped And Burnt To Death Young European Because She Wanted To Break Up

Afghan Migrant
Finnish Television

An Afghan migrant has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Finland for brutally murdering a teenage lover ten years his junior because she didn’t want to continue the relationship.

The 17-year-old Finnish girl had only dated Ramin Azimi for a month before she tried to end their relationship. The court heard how she had wanted to see another man, but Mr. Azimi demanded marriage and children of her. When she wouldn’t cooperate, Mr. Azimi attacked the young woman while she was out jogging.

Equipped with spare clothing, rope and gasoline, the Afghan asylum seeker raped his former lover in revenge for leaving him. Having completed this act, Mr. Azimi then tied the girl to a chair in an abandoned shed, poured petrol over her, and set her alight.

The body of the young woman was later discovered by dogs after her disappearance had been reported to police by her parents.

When arrested Mr. Azimi told police he had tried to commit suicide by burning himself, and his girlfriend had rushed to his aid. In doing so she herself was caught in the burning building but he escaped unharmed. The court rejected this version of events.

The prosecutor said Mr. Azimi killed because he was consumed with jealousy, and even said his struggles with obtaining Finnish citizenship had played a part in driving him to kill.

Judged sane by a court psychiatrist, the perpetrator — a long-time resident of Finland but without Finnish citizenship — has now been sentenced to life imprisonment for the sadistic killing.

Although this is his first criminal offence, he has not been averse to creating trouble. The court heard how he had recently knocked his own mother to the floor, fought with siblings, and punched a friend in the nose so “blood was pouring hard”, reports

Bizarrely, while Mr. Azimi was ordered to pay €60,000 to the parents of the deceased girl in compensation, he was ordered to pay an even larger amount — €69,000 — to the insurance company responsible for the building he burnt down with his victim inside it.

Showing a flair for sensitivity and good timing, just days after the rape and murder judgement was passed on asylum seeker Mr. Azimi, Finland’s immigration service made an announcement stating that neither murdering nor raping in Finland would block a migrant’s chances of being granted asylum.

Clarifying remarks by the Finnish prime minister on the subject, the immigration service director Esko Repo spoke out, remarking that while crimes committed abroad prior to arriving in Finland would be taken into account during the asylum decision process, ones perpetrated after arrival were not, reports Ilta Sanomat.

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