Outrage After Refugees Banned From Communal Swimming Pool

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French human rights lawyers are champing at the bit after claims inhabitants of the ‘Jungle’ migrant camp are being prevented from entering the local municipal swimming pool.

Although foreigners and migrants have not been formally banned from the pool, the Calais mayor is now requiring would-be bathers to present identification and proof of address before they swim. The stipulation excludes the so-called asylum seekers in the ‘Jungle’ camp, who have travelled across the world to the town in hope of jumping a train or lorry and making it to Britain as illegal migrants and have no legal address.

The news has delighted human rights lawyers, who have grabbed the opportunity to defend the migrants from the “racist” requirement, which was imposed after the Paris terror attacks. Committed by asylum seekers against France, 130 were killed in the Islamist violence, which the mayor of Calais has used to justify the move.

Mayor Natacha Bouchart said the ongoing state of national security meant even smaller public institutions had to take action to check up on “people whose identity we don’t know”.

The spokesman of one migrant rights group has spoken out against the change, reports TheLocal.fr, remarking the requirement is: “a discriminatory offence that only targets a population already highly stigmatized”.

A legal letter to the French prosecutor by a human rights legal advocacy has pleased for the requirement to be fully investigated. The letter called the identity requirement “racial discrimination” and said it was “manifestly discriminatory and clearly contrary to law”.

The incident is highly redolent of a plot-line in the controversial 1973 work by Jean Raspail, Camp of the Saints. Describing the process by which the political left and creeping political correctness breaks the will of the French people to allow them be invaded by migrants from the third world, the narrator details the story of a municipal swimming pool in a small town.

After a number of local children in the fictional work catch a rare form of Gonorrhoea from the pool waters, the source is traced to a population of migrant workers, “Arabs” wishing to use the pool henceforth would only be able to do so with paperwork proving them to have a clean bill of health. The left-wing press having got hold of the story eviscerated the mayor of the town and forced him to reverse the policy on grounds of human rights, and the migrants were permitted to return to bathe, finding the pool to have been completely abandoned by locals.

The novel has been called “racist”, “repulsive” and “appalling”, but has enjoyed a resurgence of interest in the past year on the back of the migrant crisis, pushing up the price of second hand copies.

Despite being locked out of the local pool, the denizens of the Calais migrant camp have a number of facilities to enjoy, all provided by the largess of pro-migrant campaigners and no-borders activists. As Breitbart London reported in September, Calais migrants now have a nightclub and have raves to keep themselves amused between attempts to storm the port and Channel Tunnel.

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