Only 1.8 Per Cent Of Attacks On Migrant Centres Result In Conviction

Migrant Shelters

Of the 222 violent attacks on ‘refugee’ migrant shelters in Germany this year, only four cases investigated have ended up in a successful prosecution.

According to analysis by German newspaper Die Zeit, there have been 747 ‘attacks’ on migrant centres of all kinds in the country this year, a record for anti-migrant violence. Of those 747 incidents, 222 were classified as ‘violent’ — the remainder including such offences as posting graffiti, verbal harassment, and the curiously named crime of “propaganda”.

Refugee Facility Burns In Arson Attack In Nauen

Fire crews hose down a school gymnasium that was being turned over to migrant accommodation before being attacked / Getty

The investigation by the paper is not only the first in-depth study of the number and nature of attacks against refugee accommodation in Germany, it also strongly contradicts official government figures. The Federal Ministry of the Interior only admits to 120 attacks against migrants this year, but actual police data and reporting accessed by the investigation team has disproved this.

As a phenomenon, attacking migrant shelters has grown quickly over the course of 2015, with offences multiplying as the migrant crisis developed and more ‘temporary’ migrant centres were opened up in unsuspecting and unwilling communities. Perhaps the most serious of these offences were arson attacks, increasingly used as a means of last resort by individuals who feel let down by the democratic process.

The rate of arson against migrant accommodation in Germany has increased tenfold since January when there were only two recorded, to October when there were twenty burnings.

When compared to other similar forms of crime in Germany, the police are enjoying a much lower success rate in prosecuting arsonists. While over three quarters of arson attacks against migrant shelters have not been solved this year, non-political arson cases were solved by police in more than half of cases. Part of the reason for this, it seems, is that the attacks against migrant accommodation are more intelligently performed than ordinary crimes, which are more typically associated with dysfunctional parts of society.

Police Investigate Fire At Refugee Center In Berlin

Welcome for refugees has worn thin in some areas / Getty

The research finds that when deliberate fires are started in empty buildings being prepared to house migrants they are so well prepared all evidence is destroyed in the blaze. When migrant shelters are shot at or have ‘Molotov cocktail’ petrol bombs thrown at them it tends to happen at night, and from fast moving cars, making identification difficult. Other times the sabotage is more subtle — drains blocked and taps left turned on overnight, causing significant damage to migrant property but without actual violent action.

The unprecedented demands placed on German police, overstretched by other duties associated with the migrant crisis including investigating the crime-wave committed by migrants themselves and assisting in patrolling the borders, may also contribute to the low investigation rate. In total only four cases out of 222 have resulted in a sucessful prosecutions. In 41 cases suspects have been identified but no charges have been brought, and in 169 the investigation has been unsuccessful.

Yet native Germans concerned with the rapid rate of mass migration are not the only demographic involved in damaging asylum shelters. Though ignored by the Die Zeit report, migrants themselves are responsible for a large number of fires and other damage to their own homes, as they fight among themselves or riot against the authorities that house and feed them.

Breitbart London reported on one such example in August when rioting shelter inmates screaming “Allahu Akhbar” and hurling missiles at police set fire to their own hostel. It was the second time in a month, and the third time this year that particular shelter had risen up against their German hosts, protesting against the quality of care they receive free from the German taxpayer, and for being forced to live side-by-side with those of different religions.

A former hotel in Bavaria was set alight in October by one migrant, leading to a number of fellow ‘asylum seekers’ having to seek hospital treatment for smoke inhalation. After setting fire to his shared home, the 22-year-old Syrian also threatened others with a knife and smashed up a Porsche sports car parked outside.

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