FARAGE FOR BREITBART: UK Universities Hotbeds Of EU Propaganda – Stories From Breitbart Readers…


Back in October I wrote for Breitbart London about the outrageous way in which Universities for Europe and Universities UK had come out and officially backed European Union (EU) membership. With no consultation, the pitch from rich academic elites was that their entire sector backed the European Union as a bloc.

This was of course skewed by EU money which is rampant in the education sector, with some 200 EU-funded “Monnet Professors” in British Universities today.

So I asked those of you who have experienced pro-EU bias whilst studying to get in touch and challenge this nonsense we hear from the establishment.

The response was fantastic, with many of you writing in to tell me about instances where you’ve seen or experienced those in the education sector seeking to push and promote the European Union or indeed vilify those who oppose it. Some instances included:

  • Jordan, just 16, has had teachers making anti-UKIP comments, describing those who support the party as “mentally ill“. After Jordan made it clear that he didn’t believe economic migrants in Calais should be let into Britain, he was told he couldn’t have a place on his schools’ charity committee;
  • A second year sociology student got in touch to say that during an EU course ‘introduction’ at their University, the lecturer made it clear that they hoped no anti-EU, pro-UKIP students were in the room. Jokes were made by lecturers about students not needing to return for their second year of study if they supported UKIP. A representative from a ‘BME support group for police staff and officers’ warned on another occasion against liking any UKIP-related Facebook pages;
  • A parent wrote in that their daughter aged 11 in year 6 at school was given a lesson on the benefits of living in the European Union;
  • Jan, whose daughter attends Itchen College in Southampton, said that a History teacher referred to UKIP as being Nazis in the run up to the General Election;
  • Ben was studying GCSE Business Studies when his teacher demanded that those who thought the EU wasn’t positive for Britain put their hands up, and then grilled and embarrassed Ben when he admitted to opposing membership;
  • David studying at the University of Manchester got in touch to say how his campus was plastered in posters reading “how do we solve a problem like UKIP”, with a lecturer describing UKIP as racists and fascists;
  • Paul told of how when studying Constitutional Law, I myself was ridiculed and described as a “loony” by the lecturer. Charming…;
  • Yigal studied International Relations at the University of Birmingham and was told by lecturers how much EU free movement of people had benefited Britain;
  • Another student wrote in to described how when studying a postgraduate degree, they were immediately told all lab equipment had been paid for partly by the European Union, with a  lecturer making it clear that they regularly try and secure EU funding;
  • Alex told of how at his University he had recently been given close to half a million pounds from the European Commission for a European Union Centre of Excellence to co-ordinate lectures, workshops and research grants;
  • Finally and astonishingly, Jack at UCL told of how a lecturer spent an entire hour long lecture attacking UKIP policies and when challenged by Jack, simply entered into an argument.

I could go on. But it is clear that something is very wrong in our education establishment and that the views of our youngsters are having to endure by anti-UKIP, pro-EU bias.

It is clear that a financial, funding element is in play for Universities. The way in which some lecturers and teachers are seeking to push the establishment line, sometimes in an aggressive manner, is frankly shocking.

The one big beaming ray of light we have is that thanks to the internet, young people no longer have to rely on the warped views of those seeking to push their views onto students. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are game-changers that have opened-up the political process to our young people in a way that is truly exciting for those of us who believe in proper national state democracy.

I know that come the EU referendum, young people up and down the country will be rebelling against the pro-EU doctrine and helping get us out of the European Union. The educational establishment does not speak nor represent students – I am sure in the run up to the referendum we’ll be seeing more and more of them speaking up an independent, self-governing nation.

Nigel Farage is the leader Of The UK Independence Party


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