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Farage: Theresa May’s So Cold She Might Be Alabaster

From the Mail on Sunday: On the morning of the historic victory for the ‘Leave’ campaign I called on the Prime Minister to resign. Within a hour or two David Cameron had done so. I was more than a little



So the battle has been joined and the great fight for the future of our country has begun. On June 23rd we will make the most important political decision in our lifetimes. I am determined to do all that I can

George Galloway

Cameron’s EU Deal May Not Be Ratified By European Parliament

In the wake of David Cameron’s really rather pathetic little deal – as evidenced by European Council President Donald Tusk’s somewhat derisory letter – the European Union referendum is all over the front pages. I particularly enjoyed the Sun’s front page


FARAGE FOR BREITBART: Cameron Fiddles While EU Plans Massive Power Grab

Don’t believe the spin. The European Union’s drive towards centralisation continues at break-neck speed. This was illustrated just last night when a report – an ultimate EU wish list – was discussed in the European Parliament by the federalist fanatics