‘Ethnic Minorities Disadvantaged In Job Market’ Claims ANOTHER Foreign-Funded, Pro-Migration ‘Think Tank’


A report by the Resolution Foundation, a London-based group that works to “shape the debate on economic and social policy” has called on the government to indulge in positive discrimination towards ethnic minorities to close the so-called ’employment gap’ between migrants and their native neighbours.

The Resolution Foundation is funded by the billionaire-backed, pro-migration Unbound Philanthropy group which also funds other hard left organisations such as Black Lives Matter and Hope Not Hate.

While the names and methods of the groups vary, one thing unites the recipients of the foreign-funding of Unbound Philanthropy; the promotion of open borders and mass migration — whether legal or illegal.

The report on employment levels between the disparate ethnic groups that make up the population of the modern United Kingdom found that while the ‘gap’ between the most and least employed regions for ethnic Brits was 11 per cent, for so-called Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (‘BAME’) groups the number was 26 per cent.

This figure was reached by the report authors by subtracting the rate of employment for BAME individuals of working age in the most unemployed region in the country — in this case north-east England at 48 per cent — from the highest. In Scotland, BAME employment stands at 74 per cent, leaving a discrepancy of 26 per cent.

For the general population, the lowest employment rate is in Birmingham which sees 66 per cent in work. The most employed part of the nation is south-east England, which is 77 per cent, leaving a much lower so-called employment gap of 11 per cent.

This difference, and the overall lower rate of employment leads the report to conclude that ethnic minorities in the UK find it nearly twice as hard to find a job, and blames high rates of single-parent families and low skill levels for the discrepancy, reports the Independent.

In common with other Unbound Philanthropy funded groups, the report has not yet been released to the public, but rather is being trailed in the press, including pro-migration titles the Financial Times and the Independent before it has appeared on the organisation’s website. The tactics is often used by organisations to obtain positive news coverage prior to any real scrutiny and criticism.

As reported by Breitbart London earlier this month, a report by the hard-left Hope Not Hate group received the same treatment, having certain areas that received criticism redacted before enjoying a full release, but not before the report reached journalists at the Guardian. Inquiries into whether the methodology of the report was flawed remain unanswered, though the group quietly removed sections upon publication.

While the report from the Resolution Foundation praised the Conservative government for raising employment overall, it also had some distinctly statist suggestions for closing the gap between native and migrant employment.

Laura Gardiner, senior research and policy analyst at the foundation said: “…substantial weaknesses remain for certain groups such as ethnic minority people, who have lower employment rates overall and experience even greater penalties in the worst-performing areas.

“Achieving full employment, which the chancellor is right to target, must involve addressing the issues that prevent ethnic minority groups from entering or staying in work, and ensuring they have an equal chance of securing a quality job no matter where they live.

“The Government needs to set the right economic conditions, alongside pulling the right policy levers that stimulate job creation and encourage people to join the workforce.”

Intervening in the job market by pulling so-called “policy levers” to increase employment, or boosting educational opportunities at the expense of native candidates in order to artificially create equality in the jobs market could be seen as positive discrimination.

Breitbart has reported at length on the influence of the Hawaii-centric Unbound Philanthropy group in the past, with correspondent Lee Stranahan comparing the multi-millionaires behind the foundation to George Soros, the billionaire donor who is said to have done more perhaps than anyone else to force mass migration on Europe.

The group, which proudly boasts on their website that they are working to “move the needle on immigration [&] integration” in the United States and United Kingdom funds agitators, questionable think-tanks, and campaign groups. It also funds the Democrat Party in the United States.

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