FARAGE FOR BREITBART: Cameron Fiddles While EU Plans Massive Power Grab


Don’t believe the spin. The European Union’s drive towards centralisation continues at break-neck speed.

This was illustrated just last night when a report – an ultimate EU wish list – was discussed in the European Parliament by the federalist fanatics in Brussels. The title of the report reads: “On improving the functioning of the European Union building on the potential of the Lisbon Treaty”.

A working document, which will soon become a draft report, was drawn up by Elmar Brok. One of the most experienced and certainly the most powerful and well connected of MEPs who acted as co-rapporteur, he is Chairman of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee and regarded as Angela Merkel’s ‘Vicar on Earth’ in Brussels. When he makes a proposal you can be sure it is with the knowledge and approval of Germany’s Frau Merkel. And in the EU these days, what Angela wants, Angela gets.

None of the prevarication or double-dealing we hear from David Cameron is involved here – just the unvarnished truth of what, as she said, the majority of people in Brussels want.

This included the removal of all national vetoes at European Council level, a more binding framework for economic policy coordination, a fiscal union with a common Corporate Tax base and VAT system where the EU is funded by VAT raising powers, and a financial transaction tax. They want a banking and a capital markets union, as well as a European Energy agency to make sure there is no competition for cheaper energy.

They want the EU Border Agency, Frontex, to be strengthened and given the ability to enter states without being asked. At the same time they want to move towards a common EU army, and the creation of a permanent military operational headquarters. One of their wishes is to see an increasing use of EU military battlegroups as an “initial entry force” to enhance the EU’s defence capabilities.

One of the most bizarre calls is for a pan-EU political party system with only pan-European political parties running in the European elections.

This is a battle plan laid out for all to see. They have the mechanism and the political will to achieve it for, as Elmar Brok pointed out, the purpose of the document was to show how much can be done using the Treaty of Lisbon to advance federalist aims without any treaty change at all.

This Federalist Battle Plan shows that treaty change isn’t necessary to push ahead as this is what the great majority of MEPs and Commissioners desire. It is clear that it sets out the final destination to which the EU is heading.

In the Brexit referendum we have a once in a generation opportunity to get off at the station ‘British Freedom’ while the EU train stops for a very short while. What we do not have is a say in is the final destination of the EU train, because that is set already and we don’t have the power to change destination or direction.

This EU project is heading in one direction: towards greater centralisation of power in Brussels. A Remain vote will not mean the status quo, but a relentless decline in the power of nation states as power is handed over increasingly to the supranational institutions of the EU. Only by winning the referendum and leaving the EU can we ensure that we become a self-governing, independent nation.

The contrast between the reality of what is going on in Brussels and what David Cameron has been saying couldn’t be greater. The farce of pretending substantial renegotiation and reform is on the table is blown out of the water when you see what actually is being pushed for by those driving the EU project forward.

Whatever Mr. Cameron comes back with under the guise of ‘renegotiation’ is mere crumbs off the table from an EU hungrier than ever for powers to be transferred to it. If we vote to Remain, we are voting for this far-reaching EU agenda. That is why we must vote to leave the European Union in the forthcoming referendum.

This is our golden opportunity.


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