WATCH: Shouty Kremlin Journalist Accosts Home Secretary, STOMPS On Tory Staffer’s Toe

A reporter from Russia’s state funded network Russia Today accosted Home Secretary Theresa May as she was getting into her car, nearly pushing a nearby woman over in order to shout pro Jeremy Corbyn questions at her.

Afshin Rattansi, who hosts Russia Today’s ‘Going Underground’ programme, shouted at Mrs May: “Why are you not going to take the 3,000 unaccompanied children from the Calais refugee camp as Jeremy Corbyn and Save the Children said?”

Since David Cameron uttered the phrase “bunch of migrants” in Prime Ministers Question time yesterday, media in the UK has latched onto the phrase calling it a “controversial reference” according to the Telegraph.

The event led to a torrent of negative press, and to Russia Today confronting the Home Secretary repeating, “are they a bunch of migrants?” even almost bowling over a woman standing next to the Home Secretary’s car. The video shows Mr. Rattansi stepping on the foot of what is presumably one of Mrs. May’s staffers – who screams out in pain. Mr. Rattansi has offered no apology on the matter.

He also repeated the taking points of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who demanded Prime Minister Cameron take in what he called 3,000 underaged children.

No mention was made by Mr. Corbyn or the RT reporter about British children displaced from UK care homes in favour of migrants.

Breitbart London Editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam spoke out on the very absurdity of the outrage about the Prime Minister’s comments on Channel 5 news. He told the presenter that the faux outrage was “trivial” compared to some of the horrors that have been going on in places like Calais where Dutch documentarians have been attacked,  drugs and violence have become commonplace and charities like the Human Relief Foundation have pulled out altogether. 

The supposed controvery over Cameron’s comments come right after the row over “racist” wristbands where migrants complained they were being targeted in Wales. As it turned out they were only the targets of volunteers giving them free food at the expense of the British taxpayer.

Before the wristband incident, the “red door” story broke about migrants who were supposedly being targeted in the North East town of Middlesbrough as the doors to their houses were painted red.

The migrants told media the doors were painted red in order to make them more visible to the people around them, though it has now emerged that the doors were painted up to 20 years ago. The incident forced Jomast, the company who looks after the properties, to repaint the doors in question even though no specific incidents of harassment due to the doors was ever brought up.

Mr Rattansi’s line of questioning is perhaps strange given that his boss, the foreign minister of Russia, is currently pursuing the German authorities for covering up the alleged mass migrant rape of a young Russian girl.


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