Confusion Over ‘Grenade’ Thrown At South Germany Migrant Centre

Migrant Centre

Bomb squad officers destroyed an “explosive device” at a migrant centre at a disused barracks this morning after it was discovered by a security guard in the early hours.

German initially refused to confirm whether or not a grenade was thrown at the Villingen-Schwenningen initial reception centre in southern Germany in the early hours today. While early local news media reported a hand grenade had been thrown at the centre but had failed to detonate, being discovered outside with the pin out, police have thrown doubt on the report.

Police spokesman Harri Frank has now confirmed the device was a grenade casing with explosives inside it, but has not confirmed whether it had a detonator. A search for the grenade pin is under-way on the road adjacent to the fence surrounding the former army barracks now serving as migrant accommodation.

Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas condemned the attack, remarking: “The perpetrators must not go unpunished. They must be systematically identified and punished”.

While the German mainstream media is today leading with well timed new reports on the sudden increase in violence towards migrant shelters in the past year, which is up some six times over 2014 some, such as Focus have made the link implicit between anti-migrant groups and the unidentified explosive.

The accusation may seem premature as there were also no witnesses to it having been thrown, opening potential culprits out from German natives to rival migrant gangs. The fact the grenade was found outside a hut providing a ‘lounge’ for the security guards working at the camp rather than outside migrant accommodation building may also give clue to an alternate motive.

Grenade attacks are becoming more common place in Europe as stocks of the explosives are carried from Balkan states north through Europe and are used to settle inter-migrant gang disputes. Breitbart London reported at length over 2015 on the almost daily grenade attacks in Sweden in migrant populated areas.

Speaking to Breitbart London, recently retired Malmo police chief Torsten Elofsson said grenades were being used to settle disputes as mundane as housing problems. The city had become infamous for grenade explosions, he said.

Migrant on migrant violence in Europe’s camps nearly turned to tragedy this week when four were hospitalised at a north France tent city. At least 40 shots were fired between rival migrant groups in what is believed to be a dispute over the lucrative smuggling trade.

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