Kingston University: It’s ‘Free Speech’ To Be Racist Towards White People

Sunny Hundal

Kingston University has issued a statement today supporting one of its lecturers being overtly racist towards white people on Twitter. 

Mr. Hundal, a ‘Journalist in Residence’ at Kingston University, labelled PEGIDA UK founder Tommy Robinson a ‘white boy’ who does not have the right to speak on ‘Sikh history’. He doubled down on his abusive tone, calling critics of the racial slur “stupid” and telling them to “fuck off” and “take a jump”.

The spat came as a result of the Mr. Hundal’s lobbying efforts to stop Mr. Robinson speaking at The British Hindu Temple’s Presidents Conference 2016. The event has been cancelled after a sustained and aggressive campaign by far left activists.

The General Secretary of the National Council of Hindu Temples (NCHT), Satish K Sharma, told Breitbart London that blogger and journalism lecturer Sunny Hundal had “spread nonsense on Facebook” about the event and compared some “aggressive” far left activists involved in the campaign to the far right.

Now Mr. Hundal’s employer, Kingston University, has said: “Mr Hundal’s statements were made as an individual, rather than as a representative of Kingston University. In any event, Kingston University upholds freedom of speech and the rights of individuals to express their opinions.”

Breitbart London confirmed the statement with Anita Gupta, the Communications Adviser for the university, who said “our statement is our statement” in response to the question, “So Kingston University believes it is okay to be racist towards white people?”

The London university’s statements also run contrary to Mr. Hundal’s own efforts to ban Mr. Robinson from speaking at the Temple.

Mr. Robinson has claimed that the “event has been cancelled after threats instigated by Sunny Hundal”, a well know Twitter activist who has argued that, “the far-right is using ‘divide and rule’ between Sikhs and Muslims”.

“Individuals opposing Tommy Robinson have threatened to directly disturb the tranquillity of the Temple Venue,” Mr. Sharma added. Mr. Robinson described the attacks as “another nail in the coffin of free speech”.


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