WATCH: Hungary’s Orban Blasts ‘Dying’ Europe For Migrant Crisis Self Denial

No-nonsense Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban has spoken out on the Europe migrant crisis, calling it a major security issue.

Speaking at a joint press conference with his Bulgarian counterpart in Sofia, Mr. Orban blasted European cowardice in the face of migrant terrorism, and predicted his remarks would be ignored by the mainstream media in most European countries.

Mr. Orban has used his trip to call for the fence he created at the Hungarian border, which reduced illegal migrant incursions into his country from 10,000 a day to just a couple of dozen after it was completed, to be extended. He said it should also reach around Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Macedonia, creating a unified European front line.

Speaking in Sofia, Mr. Orban said the migrant crisis had moved beyond concerns of alien cultures invading Europe, but had developed into a simple matter of security. He said: “It is not about our culture any-more, it is not only about our culture, money ,or about our social welfare system. It is about everyday safety.

“The threat of terrorism is increasing and public safety is deteriorating.

“One is not allowed to say such things in Europe, it is forbidden, and some countries will not even broadcast what I am about to say. But the situation is that European citizens are living under a threat, especially the vulnerable ones, women, and those who are unable to defend themselves.

“This is unacceptable.

“This is why I think that from now on the issue of migration is principally one of public security, and I believe that all politicians have been primarily elected to guarantee the protection of their citizens”.

Mr. Orban also criticised the European Union for double standards over Bulgaria, preventing them from joining the Schengen area while failing to acknowledge it was one of the best countries in Europe at protecting their own borders from migrant invaders.

The time for their joining the Schengen zone, which is a legal obligation according to European Union decree may have passed anyway, said. Mr. Orban. He said it was unlikely the country would be “willing to accept an offer of membership in a dying institution” anyway, reports Hungary Today.

During his stay in Bulgaria Mr. Orban was given a gift by the Bulgarian government to show their esteem for the Hungarian leader, and his deft handling of the migrant crisis. The hand-painted Eastern Orthodox icon gifted depicted Czar Tervel of the Bulgars, who was named the “Saviour of Europe” by the Byzantine Emperor Leo III.

Tervel came to the aid of the Empire and played a decisive role in defeating the Muslim Arab forces, outflanking the invading army and attacking their encampments during the siege of Constantinople in 717 AD.

Mr. Orban tweeted his thanks to the people of Bulgaria for his welcome reception in their country and the gift, reports Focus.

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