CLAIM: Anonymous Group Which Leaked Embarrassing Government Documents Takes Refuge In Russia After Ban In Germany


The German ‘Anonymous’ Facebook group who gained notoriety for leaking insider documents detailing government spying on right wing groups and extensive migrant crime has been banned at the request of the Merkel government, claims a German news magazine.

Political magazine Compact reports that the group had its page taken down by Justice Minister Heiko Maas who has been working closely with Facebook to squash any criticism of the Merkel regime during the migrant crisis.

Maas has reportedly hired ex-stasi employee Anetta Kahane to organize the new government program under the guise of preventing hatred online toward migrants. The idea of what is “hate speech” or what will offend migrants is left totally to the discretion of the former Stasi agent with little to no oversight by the courts.

The anonymous page which had close to two million subscribers leaked at least three documents from the Ministry of the interior which deal with reports on protests against migrant violence and sexual assaults toward German women.

The first report of the three available on the new Anonymous page on Russian Facebook clone deals with the Russian-German protests that were a reaction to claims of a migrant raping a 13 year old Russian girl in Berlin. There was doubt cast over the story last week when many media reported that the girl had in fact made up the story. The report details every place where protests occurred, how many people were at each protests and even recording exactly how many people travelled to one of the protests, saying “ subsequently, 17 German-Russian people travelled to Homburg,” leading to the question of how detailed the surveillance on anti-establishment protesters really is.

The second part of the report deals with an incident at the carnival in Bruchsal and says, “In the downtown area there was a group of 150 people from Karlsruhe, who consisted mainly of adolescents with a migration background or asylum-seekers. The Group had no interest in the event and sought occasions for clashes.” The event was attended by about 10,000 in total but once again proves the serious threat of groups of migrant men who are prone to carrying out acts of violence and sexual assault.

A second leaked document, again from the Interior Ministry, tells about politically motivated violence toward members of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in Reutlingen by members of the militant leftists group Antifa and also details an incident of sexual assault in Hannover. The assault which is described as resulting in  “grievous bodily harm” was of a sexual nature to an employee of a private security company in front of a restaurant.

A 20 strong group of “north African” men threw several bottles at women. Afterwards they chased at least three women down armed with steel pipes. A group of people from a private security confronted the north Africans and at least of of them was beaten and had a glass bottle smashed on his head. Police eventually arrived and broke up the mob and the injured man was taken to hospital. The report does not list any arrests made.

Another leak, this time from police in the Rhine-Westphalia region called “Police Situation in Refugee Matters” speaks about numbers of migrants coming to the region increasing 346% from December 2014 when compared with December 2015. Also mentioned are the rates of crimes in the asylum centres in December of 2015 saying “16 employees of the security services injured (+14) of sexual harassment, insults and assault,” and that at least three police were attacked by migrants at various centres.

The total number of criminal cases in asylum centres for the region was 576 for the month of December, a 18 percent increase from the previous month. 48 percent of the crimes involved either theft or bodily harm, mostly migrant on migrant but also toward staff and police.

Anonymous continues to release leaked documents on Russian Facebook competitor VK, gaining over 13,000 subscribers in their first day on the site.

Breitbart also continues to report individual crimes and latest major events on our Migrant Crisis Live Wire updated daily with the latest news.



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