New Hampshire Voters ‘Outright Crazy’ Says Soros-Backed, Ex-Prime Minister Of Europe’s Rape Capital


The people of New Hampshire are “outright crazy” for voting for U.S. Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat contender Bernie Sanders, a former Swedish Prime Minister and foreign minister has said.

After the primary results were announced, Carl Bildt tweeted this morning that he had always felt New Hampshire to be a “decent small place”. Not anymore, however:

Mr Bildt served as Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991 to 1994 and then as Foreign Minister from 2006 to 2014. Mr. Bildt is now a trustee of the George Soros-backed ‘International Crisis Group’ which has advocated for open borders.

His former political party is regarded as “centre right” in Swedish terms, which means to the left of the Democrat Party in U.S. terms.

His decision to criticise New Hampshire has already led to some angry responses, including:

Under governments of which he was part, Sweden maintained a largely open borders policy towards immigration, but last year the country was forced to radically reverse this after being overwhelmed by Europe’s migrant crisis.

Breitbart London reported how one city, Malmö, now contains several “no-go zones” thanks to mass immigration, with migrants even fighting street battles with one another. One of the new arrivals described it as like being back in Syria.

Grenade attacks are now a regular occurrence in the city, becoming so commonplace that most media outlets have stopped reporting them.

Last month, Breitbart London also reported how uniformed police officers are having to patrol the Swedish capital’s largest swimming baths after multiple sex assaults were reported there.

Although Swedish police are now banned from giving details of the ethnic origins of criminal suspects, the sudden explosion in sexual assaults happened at the same as new migrants flooded into the country.

Meanwhile, the anti-mass immigration Sweden Democrats party is achieving record highs in the polls. What was once a small, fringe party now achieves up to 28.8 per cent in national polls, putting it ahead of the two traditional parties, as traditionally liberal Swedes become fed up with mass immigration.

Mr Bildt has yet to say whether his own people are also “outright crazy”.

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