REVEALED: Migrant Murderer ‘Child’ LIED About Being 15-Year-Old, Is Adult Somalian

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The world recoiled in horror in January after a young woman who worked in a ‘unaccompanied minor’ refugee centre was murdered by one of her charges, but it has now been revealed the killer shouldn’t have been in the children’s centre at all, as he lied about his age.

Twenty-two year old Alexandra Mezher was rushed to hospital in late January after being repeatedly stabbed. She had been a worker at a migrant centre in Mölndal, Sweden caring for unaccompanied minors aged between 14 and 17 years old and was killed by one of the residents there, Somali-born Youssaf Khaliif Nuur.

There were some doubts of the man’s true identity from very early on in investigations, including over his age which seemed remarkably young for the bearded, six foot man. The prosecutor said in a statement that during proceedings the man’s age claim were being taken at face value until they could be proven otherwise, so he was being charged with murder as a child, which carries a considerably lesser sentence.

Now the Swedish migration agency has decided he is in fact an adult. There were clues, reports the Gotteborg Posten when the man initially applied for asylum, applying at the same time for a work permit, which aren’t issued to under-18’s.

It is so difficult to accurately determine an individual’s age to within a particular year that some countries, flooded with apparently unlikely children, have taken to extreme measures to make distinctions. As Breitbart London reported in July, France even considered measuring the bones of migrants to assess their true ages.

The brutal murder of the young woman at the Mölndal junior asylum centre  and the uncomfortable truths it spells out about the state of the Europe migrant crisis is not the only reason this case has made headlines worldwide, or rather has failed to make headlines. As is now commonly the case with news of migrant crime ordinary Swedes turned to the global press to find out the true facts of the case, such is the level of self-censorship among their national media, a fact that has made Sweden one of Breitbart’s most read territories.

There was shock and condemnation when it was discovered the United Kingdom Daily Mail’s coverage — accessible on the internet around the world — had been blocked in Sweden, and Sweden only. The newspaper responded to a request from Breitbart London and admitted they had self-censored after “legal advice” to “avoid prejudicing” ongoing legal proceedings surrounding the murder.

Despite the claim of the article being blocked on specific legal advice about that case, it has been noted a number of stories about Sweden are inaccessible from that country, including ones that refer to no specific criminal case.

All European countries positively discriminate towards unaccompanied migrant minors, on the basis that vulnerable children are more deserving of protection and special treatment. This policy which has given rise to a situation where younger adult males ‘lose’ their identity documents as they cross into the continent in the expectation of being more likely to receive preferential treatment.

One of these special treatments is an extremely lenient sentencing regime for ‘minors’ who commit crimes in their new host nations. One such crime where legal minors acting like criminal adults and receiving prison sentences have left victims feeling let down is the brutal gang rape of one young Swedish woman where the perpetrators were sentenced to just six months in juvenile detention each.

After the youths beat the woman into submission and telephoned their friends to join in, the woman was raped anally and vaginally six times, being left with life changing injuries. The perpetrators were later traced to a migrant camp. The victim said the short sentences made her feel “sick”. Yet they were too long for one of the gang, who escaped detention is is now on the run, just months into his sentence.

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