Three Syrians Granted Asylum In Germany Detained For Terrorism Entering Turkey

border patrols

Bulgarian authorities have charged three Syrians, who had been awarded refugee status in Germany, with attempting to join the Islamic State (IS) terror group after they were caught attempting to cross into Turkey.

Bulgarian border police detained the Syrian men as they embarked on an illegal crossing into Turkey on February ninth near the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint, Novinite reports.

The Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior made the revelation on Monday in a statement, also claiming the ‘refugees’ had already failed in attempting to enter Turkey through Greece earlier this year.

“During the conducted operational activities, the affiliation of the three Syrian citizens to the ISIL has been established, as well as their intention to join the terrorist group,” the ministry said. The Prosecution office in Sofia has since added in a statement on their website that the men have now been charged with taking part in terrorist activities.

It is unclear if the men were returning to Syria, and in what “terrorist activity” there have been implicated, but they are far from the first Syrian ‘refugees’ in Germany to be connected to IS and terrorism.

As Breitbart London recently reported, the head of Germany’s security forces has said they have received more than 100 tip-offs of Islamic State fighters hiding among migrants currently in the country.

Hans-Georg Maassen also explained that battle-hardened jihadists may be using the ongoing migrant crisis to enter Germany posing as refugees for “combat missions”.

Two of the Syrian Paris attackers entered Europe posing as refugees, and the Belgium mastermind behind them traveled back and forth between IS controlled Syria and France.

Just last week, German police raided two homes after a television channel interviewed a suspected high-ranking Islamic State commander posing as a refugee in Germany. The man had been identified as a notorious commander know as Bassam, who is said to be responsible for the deaths of dozens of people.