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Texas Senate Votes to Wipe Out State Refugee Office

The arrival of refugees in the Lone Star State, most particularly Syrian refugees, has been a source of consternation for Texans and the state’s Governor. Activists pushed back against Governor Greg Abbott’s order to stop the state from helping to resettle Syrian refugees. The Texas attorney general filed suit against the federal government. Now the Texas Senate has voted to eradicate the State’s refugee office.

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Flashback: Chuck Schumer Considered Refugee Pause in 2015

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) may be crying about President Donald Trump’s executive order now, but in November 2015, Schumer considered a similar pause in the refugee program to allow for closer vetting.

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Pope Brings 12 Muslim Refugees to Rome in Papal Airplane

Pope Francis visited the Greek island of Lesbos and took twelve Muslim refugees back to Rome with him on his papal airplane. The Vatican issued a statement that the refugees included six children. The twelve included three families who have had their homes bombed during the Syrian war.

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Refugees Crucial to ‘Global City,’ Says Dallas Democrat Mayor

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said he believes welcoming refugees is crucial to Dallas becoming a “global city” during a recent summit on the city’s economy, its workforce, and its future. The Democratic mayor made the statement after being asked about “hosting refugees” and “bringing people inside” as “one of the building blocks of a revitalized town.”

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Iraqi Refugee Appears in Court on Terror Charges

HOUSTON, Texas – The Iraqi refugee who is accused of providing material support to the Islamic State appeared before a federal judge in Houston on Friday to hear the formal charges against him. He is accused of providing material support

Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, left, is escorted by U.S. Marshals from the Bob Casey Federal Courthouse on Friday, Jan. 8, 2016, in Houston. Al Hardan made his initial appearance in federal court in Houston Friday morning after he was indicted Wednesday on three charges related to accusations he tried …

CNN Already Lying About Syrian Refugee Arrested on Terror Charges

Although the Reuters report clearly states that one of the two Muslim refugees  arrested this week on charges of terrorism “came to the United States in 2012 as a refugee from Syria,” this was CNN’s chyron during its Friday morning


Losing Influence: 6 Great DC Media Failures of 2015

We will never be fully rid of the DC Media. Like the garbage-in/manure-out maggots they are, the DC Media will always be a rancid part of the circle of political life. The political left is, if nothing else, relentless, and


Feds Fumble Terrorist Visa: DC Media Demagogues Owe America An Apology

Over valid concerns about the ability of our serially-incompetent Federal  government to properly vet a population of Syrian refugees ISIS has pledged to seed with terrorists, the DC Media went on a demagogic rampage accusing Republicans, and even the American


Five CA Mayors Urge Welcome of Refugees

Mayors from five California cities on Friday signed a letter urging Congress not to reject vetted refugees, including those from Syria, that seek to come to the United States.

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