Former Islamist Warns Of Dangers Of Radical Islamism Among Young Germans And Migrants


A former radical Islamist spoke at a German university about the “generational” dangers of radical Islamism among young Germans and incoming migrants.

Ahmad Mansour is a psychologist and author who used to be a radical Islamist. He recently published a book which calls for Germans to beware of the seduction of radical Islam that is enticing German youth. The book, called ‘Generation Allah – Why We need to Rethink the Fight Against Religious Extremism‘, comes at the subject from a psychological perspective.

Mr. Mansour examines how Islam has become more than a religion to many in the Middle East and instead has become a cornerstone of their identity as human beings.

The author gave a talk at Hamburg University yesterday and answered questions on his book and the migrant crisis. German paper Hamburg Abendblatt interviewed him later asking whether in the aftermath of Cologne German women should fear Muslim migrants. He said:

“I can’t give you a flat yes answer, but we all should think that among us humans, there are very different values than ours and this is a group that is growing larger from year to year.”

He goes on to say that he believes it is a very generational problem and that both migrants and Muslims living in the west, as citizens or not, may think the same. saying:

“I want to get away from the narrow discussion of the few young people who connect with the Islamic State. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I’d like to talk about those who belong to us. Those who go to our schools and still partially reject our values . We are dealing with numerous problems.

“This is not only the handling of sexuality. There are conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism and patriarchal structures. There is the understanding that their religion is a taboo subject and that one must not scrutinise teenagers. And others, people devalue because they have a different opinion. That’s not everyone, but the problem has a huge dimension.”

He said that many Germans simply don’t see the problem because they don’t go where many muslims go. The schools and the mosques are prime places where the behaviour he describes is manifested, but he says but Germans don’t know because, “it is not openly discussed. The topics are taboo,” and that “the problems are in the schools because of the existence of this Generation Allah.”

Also mentioned was the rise in anti-Semitic behaviour which in countries like France has led to Jews being so scared for their safety that many have left for Israel, as Breitbart has reported. “There are dedicated teachers who raise the issue (of antisemitism) in the classroom and then suddenly realize how widespread ‘Jew’ has become a dirty word,” among the students.

Teachers are losing hope according to Mr. Mansour, and many come to him asking for advice because they feel like they are trapped by political correctness and cannot speak out about what is going on in their classroom. He even describes teachers who cannot deal with radicalised students who proselytize Salafism in class and send videos of radical Islamic preachers to their fellow classmates.

The interviewer asked Mr. Mansour about Hamburg in particular. He said: “Hamburg is affected by Salafism. There were also New Year’s assaults here. Parallel societies have partially emerged. In schools anti-Semitism is widespread, teachers tell me that they do not always get the support of the school management when addressing the problem.”

When asked is there could be a solution to the problem he replied: “It will be tedious and long. This is the task of the century.”


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