Belgian Imams Being Trained With Anti-Semitic, Radical Islamic Literature

Leaked documents from the Belgian Unit for Coordination and Threat Analysis (OCAM) have revealed that future Belgian Imams are being trained with materials containing radical Islamic policies including persecuting homosexuals engaging in armed jihad. The documents, which were leaked to

A Muslim man reads from the Koran at the Grand Mosque in Brussels on Match 25, 2016, as Muslims gathered for the first Friday prayers in the wake of the suicide attacks at Brussels airport and a metro station that left 31 people dead and 300 wounded and were claimed …

Study: Radical Islamists Actually Have Extensive Knowledge of Islam

An Islamic theologian at the University of Vienna has conducted a study of radical Islamists proving that many have an extensive knowledge of Islam despite mainstream claims that radical Islamists have little understanding of their own religion.

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German Police Arrest Radical Islamist Plotting Terror Attack

German police in the state of Lower Saxony have announced the arrest of a radical Islamist who they say was plotting terror attacks against authorities. The prosecutor’s office in Celle and the police in Göttingen announced the arrest of the

A policeman of a special unit stands next to police cars on the grounds of the Bilal mosque in the Griesheim district of Frankfurt am Main, western Germany, on February 1, 2017. German police arrested a Tunisian man suspected of recruiting for the Islamic State group and planning an attack, …

Austrian Foreign Minister Wants To Ban Koran Distribution

After raids on Salafist organizations in Germany, the Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has called for a ban on the distribution of the Islamic holy book. The Salafist organization “The True Religion” were the subjects of a nationwide crackdown in


French Court Lifts Travel Ban For Radical Salafist Islamists

A French Muslim won a court order on Tuesday lifting a travel ban she says was imposed due to her ultra-conservative Salafist beliefs, in a case exposing tensions between France’s official secularism and its Muslim minority.

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Source: Hamas Cracks Down On Gaza Salafists Following Rocket Fire

Hamas has cracked down on Salafi activists, some openly supporting the Islamic State, in the wake of two incidents in which rockets and mortars were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, a security official in the territory told Breitbart Jerusalem.

Tunisian salafists shout slogans during a demonstration in front of the assembly on December 3, 2011 in Tunis. Thousands of Islamist supporters descended on central Tunis on December 3 to confront liberal demonstrators rallying against extremism as lawmakers draft a new constitution for Tunisia. AFP PHOTO/FETHI BELAID (Photo credit should …