WATCH: The Moment Suzanne Evans Learns Her Lawyer CONFIRMED Breitbart’s ‘Wife Beating Farage’ Story

Breitbart London exclusively reported on the astonishing conversation between Suzanne Evans’s lawyer Richard Hendron and party officials, wherein the former claimed “on instruction from client” that Ms. Evans would include a rumour about Nigel Farage beating his wife in a court document in order to bring it to the attention of the media.

The rumour, which is untrue, was used in an attempt to get UKIP lawyers to delay disciplinary proceedings against Ms. Evans.

Ms. Evans denied the story on LBC radio, claiming it was an attempt by Breitbart London to distract from her LBC “tell-all”.

But Ms. Evans lawyers confirmed the story to Channel 4’s Michael Crick, who tweeted about the matter during the programme.

Watch as Ms. Evans learns that her lawyer had confirmed the story:


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