Syrian Woman Killed By Husband in Asylum Home


A Syrian woman who managed to escape the war-zone in her native country was beaten to death in an asylum home by her own husband.

The story of Dalia is like many other Syrian migrants. Dalia came with her family from Kurdistan in northern Syria to Germany last year along with hundreds of thousands of others, though most of her fellow migrants were not Syrian. Her story ended in tragedy last October when she was beaten to death in the asylum home where she and her family lived, by her own husband and in front of their children according to a shocking report by Die Welt.

The murder happened last August but has only now come to trial. The husband of Dalia, Saoud T., is now facing charges of manslaughter in a German court. Police in the case were shocked when they entered the room where Dalia had been murdered. The husband who had killed Dalia was sitting with one of their three children at a table as another child played on a bunk bed and yet another slept. The official remarked the situation as surreal and that the four were acting, “as if nothing happened.”

32 year-old Saoud T. murdered his also 32 year-old wife after they had been staying at an asylum home in Trier, Germany for only three weeks. It is said that he beat his wife with the leg of a broken table, striking at least eight times, all in the presence of their three children aged one, four and five. The prosecution in the case is only seeking a charge of manslaughter as they believe it may be difficult to prove he acted in a premeditated manner.

Dalia was initially found on a blood soaked mattress and was taken to the hospital as workers at the asylum home had assumed she had been sick, fell and injured herself. The hospital staff were quick to alert police to the fact that they thought Dalia had been a victim of violent crime. Police found the bloody mattress propped up outside the asylum home  leaned up against the outside wall with the bloody side facing inward so as not to be seen.

Neighbors of the family told authorities they had heard arguments coming from the room in which the murder took place. They said they heard Saoud T. shout at his wife, “shut up, or I’ll kill you,” during a particularly heated argument the night before the murder. The couples children also gave testimony to police saying that their father had hit their mother. “Papa has hit the mama,” one child said.

The children are also said to be victims of Saoud’s violent behavior. In testimony given by Dalia’s mother she told that he had a history of beating Dalia with a stick and often resorted to beating the children with his belt.

Saoud sat in a courtroom this week silent and immobile as his trial began in the Trier regional court. Even his defence attorney, Christian Woods, remarked that it was hard to get through to Saoud and found it impossible to build any kind of trust with him.

Violence against women and minorities is pervasive in German asylum homes. Breitbart London has reported on multiple cases of violent behavior by predominately Muslim men who are forcing authorities to consider separate asylum homes for women, children, homosexuals and Christians. A German rail company has also suggested it might even separate train carriages by gender to protect women from sexual assault and violence.


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