Blogger Investigated by Police for “White Boy” Tweet Calls Breitbart Readers ‘Idiots’

Sunny Hundal

Left wing blogger Sunny Hundal has taken to Twitter to slur all “Brietbart (sic)” readers as “idiots”. The comment seems to have come apropos of nothing, as there have been no other mentions of Breitbart on his time-line in recent days.

Mr Hundal, a fairly prolific user of the social media site, has in the last few hours posted commentary on the London Mayoral elections – accusing Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith of having a “relationship” to his ex-brother in law Imran Khan, and attacking the recent Channel 4 documentary “What British Muslims Really Believe”.

But among the political commentary nestles a bizarre tweet reading “As a general point, if you believe what you read on Brietbart (sic) website, you’re an idiot.”

Earlier this year he launched an attack on PEGIDA UK founder Tommy Robinson, calling him a “white boy” who does not have the right to comment on “Sikh history.” The outburst followed Mr Robinson’s calling him out on an article which blamed the British Empire for enmity between Muslims and Sikhs in Punjab.

Mr Hundal then doubled down on his abusive tone, calling critics of the racial slur “stupid” and telling them to “fuck off” and “take a jump”.

His employer, Kingston University refused to chastise Mr Hundal for the comments, saying it upheld freedom of speech.

Mr Hundal himself does not – later that month he forced the cancellation of the British Hindu Temple’s Presidents Conference 2016 by inciting activists to issue threats, because the organisers had invited Mr Robinson to speak at the event on British multiculturalism.

Mr. Robinson, who has spent years forging links with the Sikh community in the fight against Islamism, described the attacks as “another nail in the coffin of free speech”.

Raheem Kassam, Breitbart London’s Editor in Chief said: “Mr Hundal’s pedigree speaks for itself. He’s a failed blogger, working for a left wing university, who has a history of anti-white racism. I’m very pleased he thinks we are the idiots in this scenario”.

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