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No Cars on Bourbon Street During NYE After Berlin Attack

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – Beginning on New Year’s Eve through January 2 for the Sugar Bowl, Bourbon Street will be closed off to motorists in response to the deadly truck-involved Islamic terrorist attack in Berlin.

A notorious hate crime hoax by two lesbians (WaPo)

15 Hate Hoaxes You Can Dispel This Thanksgiving

Since President-Elect Donald Trump was elected over Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media have used alleged hate crime reports to drum up hysteria over issues like Islamophobia, homophobia, immigration, and race relations.


KASSAM: Breitbart News Network Has ‘Effortless Diversity’

Breitbart London editor in chief has told Ireland’s national broadcaster that the Breitbart News Network has “effortless diversity” within its ranks, as the establishment media continues to attack the company as a “white nationalist” site. From an interview with Radio RTE: “Brexit


Cameron Capitulates: Government Faced With Tory Rebellion Backs Off TTIP Battle

Faced with becoming only the second British Prime Minister in a century to be defeated on his Queen’s Speech, David Cameron has avoided embarrassment by surrendering to the demands of eurosceptic Tory rebels over protecting the National Health Service (NHS) from the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal.

migrant crisis

Breitbart London To Launch Europe-Wide Migrant Crisis Live Wire

LONDON, United Kingdom – Breitbart London, the first news outlet in the English language to expose the mass migrant assaults and rapes from Cologne on New Year’s Eve is to launch a Migrant Crisis Live Wire, tracking all the developments