WATCH — BBC Question Time Audience Member: ‘Britain Could Be £1.5 Trillion Better Off By 2030 If It Leaves EU’

An audience member stole the show on BBC Question Time last night after producing his own calculations showing Britain could pay off its national debt by 2030 if it left the European Union.

The man, who claimed to be an economist and financial advisor, told the panel:

“I did some maths on the back of an envelope – I should say I’m an economist and a financial advisor – and I took the £10 billion of net savings that we would make if we left [the EU] and I multiplied those by 14, which is the number of years up to 2030.

“I then used the economic credit multiplier because you of course you have the benefit of spending that £10 billion, the taxes raised on it, some economic growth and so on.

“And do you know the figure I came up with? The figure I came up with was £1.5 trillion, which means that if we leave the European Union we’ll be able to fund and repay the national debt by the time 2030 comes.”


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