‘Infiltration’: Islamic State Says They Have A Mole In The Ministry Of Defense

Issouf Sanogo / AFP

Islamic State (IS) terrorists have claimed they have a mole working inside the heart of British military, days after releasing a ‘hit list’ of drone pilots to be murdered.

The terrorists say the mole, allegedly working inside the British Ministry of Defence, is part of their ongoing plot to “infiltrate” the UK.

Just yesterday, a group of British linked IS operatives published a list of US military personnel they believe to have been involved in drone strikes against them in Iraq and Syria, calling on Muslims to murderer them.

The hackers, who were once led by Junaid Hussain from Birmingham, also warned that they have another database of “secret information” on US personnel gleaned by their “brothers in the UK”.

Mr. Hussain, a reportedly talented and dangerous hacker, was killed in a drone strike last year. An IS linked online group later promised to “revenge” his killing.

According to the Express, the terrorist organisation has now written on their website:

“In our next leak we may even disclose secret intelligence the Islamic State has just received from a source the brothers in the UK have spent some time acquiring from the Ministry of Defence as we slowly and secretly infiltrate England and the USA online and off.”

The MoD’s IT network is protected by online security experts from aircraft manufacturer Airbus at a heavily protected centre in Newport, Gwent.

Peter Grogan, head of business development at Airbus, said: “The MoD has that constant threat of insiders. You’ve got the full spectrum of potential attackers with different motives.

“Islamic State have identified the advantages they would get were they to be able to utilise cyber space and they’ve put the appropriate amount of effort into it. They recognise their ability to disrupt our way of life electronically.

“There are some savvy young people who’ve got similar qualifications and skills to people working here or working in the US National Security Agency.”

The Ministry of Defence declined to comment on whether it believed there was a mole.

A spokesman said: “We are investing more than ever before in the UK’s capabilities to protect our national interest.

“Our increasing budget means we can stay ahead of our adversaries in cyber space while also investing in conventional capabilities.”

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