Polish Rapist Going Home Because He’s Too Scared To Go Outside In England

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A Polish rapist, whose identity British Police tried to cover to protect his human rights, is set to return to his native country as he is too frightened to leave his house following publicity over the case.

Derbyshire Police were criticised in court for attempting to flout the principles of “open justice” when they applied to keep Marcin Jaworski’s name concealed when placing him on the sex offender’s register, as Breitbart London reported at the time.

Jaworski was convicted of rape in Poland in 2014 before moving to the UK to start anew, his crime only coming to light following his arrest for drinking in the town centre in Shirebrook, Derbyshire.

Derbyshire Police applied to add him to the British registered sex offenders list, but moved for the hearing to be conducted in secret. A police lawyer argued that he lived “in an area where there are high tensions between the Polish and British communities” and that Jaworski had a right to life which was threatened by a “real and grave risk” he could suffer “significant and serious harm” if his conviction became public knowledge.

District Judge Andrew Davison disagreed, telling the court:  “a fundamental principle is open justice which is a hallmark of the law.”

That hearing went ahead yesterday; Renata Jurenko, representing Jaworski told the Chesterfield magistrates that her client feared for his own safety and was set to return to Poland with his mother imminently.

His father, Andrzey, claimed that his son feared he would “lynched” and was “very depressed,” The Times has reported.

The police application was approved and Jaworski was added to the register.

Following the initial hearing it emerged that Jaworski has originally been sent to Britain by his family, who felt humiliated by his conviction. A former neighbour told the Daily Mail: “Marcin and the girl were about the same age and were both drunk when he raped her.

“He comes from a respectable family and they were so horrified and ashamed they thought it best to send him away.

“Britain made perfect sense. It’s in the EU so there was no problem with him living and working there and he could make a new start.”

Derbyshire Chief Constable Mick Creedon admitted the force made “a mistake” in attempting to hide Jaworski’s identity, saying: ‘With all sex offender management we are seeking to protect the vulnerable, especially children.

“The media coverage of the recent hearing reflects a mistake made by the Derbyshire Constabulary.

“The reasons for the application were well-intentioned and reflected our concerns about some recent local community tensions, but the media was right to challenge this and the court was right to reject the application.”

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