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Lefty Journo Organises Migrant Workers Strike To Protest Racism

A successful left-wing author is urging migrants living in Britain to strike in order to demonstrate their contribution to British society. He said his trigger for the event was a worsening of attitudes towards migrants in the UK.

Indian nurses care for newly born babies at the maternity ward of a hospital on the eve of World Population Day, in Guwahati on July 10, 2014. World Population Day, which was established by the United Nations Development Programme in 1989 and is observed annually, seeks to raise awareness of …

Record 27.5 Per Cent Of UK Births To Foreign-Born Women

Well over a quarter of births in England and Wales over the past year were to women born outside the UK – the highest level on record – whilst births to UK born women fell by 0.4 per cent.


Poland Wants Emigrants In Britain To Return, Just Not Yet

WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland’s eurosceptic government has long said it would like Poles living in Britain to return home, but it is now promising to fight for their right to stay after the British vote to leave the European Union.