UN Chief Says Millions More Migrants Coming To Europe, Bemoans EU Leaders’ Lack Of ‘Positive Narrative’


A top United Nations (UN) official has demanded European Union (EU) leaders welcome millions more migrants from the Middle East and Africa. Promising that the “biggest human migration in history” is going to fast accelerate as “young people all have cellphones and can see what’s happening in other parts of the world”, he claimed Pakistanis and Bangladeshis were the “backbone” of the British economy.

Michael Moller’s comments come as around 14,000 — a number that is rapidly increasing — mostly sub-Saharan African migrants from safe countries are being delivered to European shores each week. The continued “welcome” to limitless numbers of people from countries with fertility rates of six children per woman will add to fears that Europe is seeing the events of ‘Camp of the Saints’, the controversial 1973 novel about European Civilisation collapsing under the weight of the third world arriving in boats, happening in real time.

Accusing EU leaders of “complacency and lack of leadership” for not having systems in place to welcome and flawlessly integrate millions overnight, the head of the UN’s Geneva office blasted European heads of state like David Cameron for failing to create a “positive narrative” about the issue. Mr Moller, a Dane said:

“What we have been seeing is one of the biggest human migrations in history, and it’s just going to accelerate.

“Young people all have cellphones and they can see what’s happening in other parts of the world, and that acts as a magnet.

Mr Moller claimed that Pakistani and Bangladeshi migration was the “backbone” of the British economy, despite the fact in recent times in the UK half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women were unemployed. This is a pattern repeated across European countries, along with disproportionately large numbers of Muslims in the continent’s jails.

While the likes of the UN and Pope Francis blame this on European “xenophobia” and “racism”, this is not borne out by reality where people with Chinese and Indian backgrounds enjoy more success than their white British counterparts, a trend seen in countless other Western countries like the U.S. and Canada.

Dismissing public alarm at mass, uncontrolled migration which numerous reports have confirmed funds and assists terrorists and the advance of terror attacks on European soil, The Australian reported Moller calling the influx “manageable”, and slamming EU leaders for “pandering” to “xenophobic” and “racist positions”.

The UN official’s words came as it emerged Egypt has become a new transit point for migrants travelling to Europe. EU officials are currently trying to strike deals with Egypt that will see the country’s authorities start to clamp down on traffickers, as it’s come to light that increasing numbers of Africans are now setting off from Egyptian shores as well as from Libya.


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