Half A Million Migrants ‘Could End Up In UK’ Under EU Free Movement Rules

free movement rules
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Up to half a million migrants and their families who have fled from the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere could head to the UK after 2020 under European Union (EU) free movement rules.

Migration Watch UK says that migrants who have entered Europe in the massive influx of the past year will be able to enter Britain once they are granted asylum and then citizenship by other EU states.

Between 240,000 and 480,000 may travel to the UK, and while countries such as Greece, Italy and Germany have been hardest hit by the migrant crisis so far, a secondary wave will likely move on to Britain once they have the right.

Even if only a small proportion of those who have arrived in Europe travel on the UK, the report adds, the numbers could still cause a massive increase in immigration for Britain.

Migration Watch chairman Lord Green of Deddington said: “The UK could well face a significant secondary flow of refugees from Europe in the coming years adding to the already huge strain being placed on housing and public services.

“While the UK has so far been largely shielded from the crisis in southern Europe, this potential flow can only add to the impact of migration which is already seriously affecting communities across the country.”

“It is important to be clear that this would be spread over several years, it would be from 2020 onwards, they are not going to come in a single movement,” he added.

Earlier this month the Office for National Statistics (ONS) finally revealed that EU immigration is twice as high as previously suggested, confirming a suggestion by Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam in 2015.

The ONS said in 2014 that 220,000 EU nationals had entered Britain in the previous year, yet the number of new National Insurance Numbers issued over the same period was nearly double that figure.

Now the ONS has admitted that its official figures do not include “short-term” EU migration who travel to the UK to work for less than 12 months. Real EU immigration figures are therefore nearer half a million per year.

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