Prime Minister Thanksgiving Service: ‘Our Enemy Is Secularisation, Which Flooded Europe’


The cream of Polish society including the Prime Minister turned out for a Catholic thanksgiving service this morning which warned against the de-Christianisation of Europe.

Beata Szydło, Prime Minister since her right-wing, anti-mass migration Law and Justice party swept to power in November was joined by other political figures and the heads of Poland’s armed forces and police today. The officials met with 8,000 pilgrims from all over Poland for a joint display of Christian faith now unusual in the increasingly secular European Union, reports wPolityce.

While the occasion was a thanksgiving service and mass given in thanks for the “gift of Baptism”, those present were given a homily by Catholic Archbishop Sevastianos Rossolatos who did not hold back in his criticism. He said: “Secularization is the spirit of modern society that no longer apply to the truth of the Gospel, no longer considers the Kingdom of God as a treasure that should be purchased for the price of any sacrifice.

“Secularization is a mentality, according to which education will suffice us, our profession, money, pleasure, science, technology. It’s a way of thinking that tells you that you are okay, you do not have sins, that you’re perfect, you love everyone and do not need no Savior, so you do not need a Church that proclaims the Word of God faithfully and give you the sacraments of salvation!”

The Archbishop told the audience the main enemy of Europe today is “secularization, life without the Church and the Word of God”.

Poland is one of Europe’s most conservative nations, and has been in the vanguard of peoples willing to stand up to the European Union, and the migrant crisis. Poles are conscious that their strong Christian faith plays a part in this resilience and view the moral collapse and secularisation of other European nations as being linked.

Polish priest, Krakow university lecturer and media personality Dariusz Oko spoke out on Polish radio this week against the death of Western civilisation, remarking: “When travelling abroad, I could observe the remains of great civilizations, great cultures, beautiful cities, after which they were ruins and sand that for different reasons – including their own irresponsibility – were destroyed.

“And it seems that, unfortunately, we are experiencing this in Europe”.

“Once again, I realized that the condition of life is responsible faith. I saw the empty churches of other nations, and the full churches of Poland”.

The priest slammed the media for being behind attacks on traditional values and the Church, including such publications as the New York Times which he claimed was pursuing a “strategy” to rob people of their heritage.

Father Oko said: “if people lose their religious identity and national they will be as free atoms that can be manipulated and managed”.

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