WATCH: Asian Brit Slams Cameron Over ‘No Go Zones’ During Brexit Debate

The Prime Minister was failed to answer a hard-hitting question on “no go zones” in the United Kingdom during his Q&A session with audience members on ITV tonight.

Speaking on the topic of uncontrolled immigration, Asian-background Harry Bhopara slammed the Prime Minister’s broken promises on bringing down net migration.

Mr. Bhopara said he could no longer get appointments with a doctor, nor get on the housing ladder, and harking back to Mr. Cameron’s closing statements from his town hall event last week, he said that Mr. Cameron was rolling the dice on Britain’s future by staying in the EU.

Mr. Bhopara said: “I have no GP, as all of them are full in my area. I can’t get onto the housing ladder and have three kids in one room. My kids’ school is growing in size every year but not in staff. The place where I grew up was a lovely area but is now a no-go zone.

“So how is the EU and uncontrolled immigration working for me, a 41-year-old Brit who has been working full-time since I was 16, and my community?”

Mr. Cameron failed to address the question, pivoting immediately to the economy. He said: “When it comes to immigration from outside the EU, which is more than half, we put a limit on the numbers that come for economic reasons. If we want to build houses, invest in the house build houses, invest in the health service, if you want good schools for the children, we need to invest in our economy. Pulling out of the EU would damage our economy.

“Nigel Farage kept saying that GDP is not all that matters. GDP is the combination of all the wealth our country creates. He is basically saying it doesn’t really matter. He is so keen to get us out of Europe he is prepared to sacrifice jobs.

But Mr. Bhopara shot back: “I voted for you in the last election because one of the things in your manifesto was to get immigration down. You are not allowed [by the EU] to do that. That is the bottom line. I can see my standard of living going down because of this influx that we can’t control. I am sorry to say but your closing statement last week was that if we leave the EU, we are rolling a dice with our children’s future. I think quite the opposite, I think you have rolled the dice already by telling us to stay in.”


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