BREX-ITCH: Dutch Activists Cruise Into UK To Help Farage Campaign For Brexit

Brexitch - 1500 wide

The Dutch activist group who recently prompted and won an EU referendum in their own country have cruised into Britain this week to assist Nigel Farage and the UK Independence Party campaign for Britain to leave the European Union.

GeenPeil – the pro-democracy group behind the EU Association Agreement referendum where a majority of Dutch voters slammed the EU for causing problems on the Ukraine-Russia border – took to the streets of South Thanet and Sittingbourne with UKIP’s Battle Bus yesterday.


The GeenPeil bus arrives in South Thanet (Rachel Megawhat/Breitbart London)

Their activists handed out leaflets showing a British bulldog constraint by a European Union dog collar, itching to get it off (which they call ‘Brexitch’).

GeenPeil’s website makes clear their involvement is related to democracy, sovereignty, and the fact that the people of Europe are increasingly having their voices silenced by the European Union.

An open letter to Britons reads:


Allow us a minute of your time to tell you an anecdote about democracy in the European Union.

Last April, the Netherlands held a national referendum on the EU Association Treaty with Ukraine. We, the organisers, wanted to have a more direct say in European Union developments, because we are worried about the ongoing and highly undemocratic expansionism of the EU. No government in Europe should be allowed to make far-reaching decisions without a majority consent.

So we set out to do something about it, and thanks to a successful Internet campaign and nearly half a million signatures, we forced our government to hold a referendum.

On April 6, a convincing 61 percent of the Dutch voters said “No” to the undesirable Association Treaty. So was that the end of that? Was democracy saved from the talons of the EU technocrats?

..And then we were ignored
Unfortunately, no. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, forced by his betters in Brussels, decided to completely ignore the outcome of the referendum. The Dutch voter was shunned by their national leaders, and, once again, democratic voices were muffled by the unelected officials of the European Union.

As the organizers of the Dutch referendum, we are not here to meddle in your national business. Dear Lord no — We’re not Brussels. But we do feel a need to tell you our story. Because democracy matters. And in the European Union – the people’s voices are silenced and shunned.

Read and share our story. Decide for yourself how highly you value the sovereignty of your national democracy. And cast your vote accordingly on June 23rd.

With love,
Your democratic friends from the Netherlands




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