WATCH: Farage ‘Sails’ To Netherlands For EU Referendum

The website behind the near half a million signatures which prompted the Netherlands’ very own referendum on the European Union has published a humorous video of the UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage “sailing” to the country today to observe the vote.

Speaking to the Geenspiel website, Mr. Farage says he’s not in the Netherlands to tell people how to vote, but rather to ask questions of the Dutch population, as well as congratulating them for their efforts in seeing down European Union expansionism.

“Clearly if people in this country think that a Ukrainian deal and visa free access to the Ukraine, and Ukraine inevitably becoming a member of the European Union, and our borders pushing up next door to Mr. Putin… they must vote for it. But if they choose to say to the government: ‘Don’t act without us, ask us our opinion in the future before you do big things’ – then the impact of that in the United Kingdom could be very big indeed”.