Torched Migrant Centre Housed Known Troublemakers

Migrant Centre

The Dusseldorf exhibition centre that was subject of migrant arson is revealed to have had previous problems with violent migrants.

Last month parts of the Dusseldorf international exhibition centre burned to the ground in a spectacular column of flame and smoke. In the aftermath of the arson attention turned to the cause of the fire which completely destroyed hall 18 of the centre which was being used as a makeshift migrant camp.

Some questioned a potential attack by extremists in the same vein as other migrant centre arson cases, but the perpetrators were revealed to be migrants themselves, angry over not receiving a Ramadan wake up call.

New evidence has come to light that the migrants in the Dusseldorf exhibition centre camp may have had a long history of violence and were uncooperative with asylum centre staff reports RP Online.

The city of Dusseldorf, who ran the asylum home in conjunction with the German Red Cross have come out and stated that many of the migrants who lived there had been in trouble for a variety of offences before the fire three weeks ago. According to the city around 30-40 single men lived at the camp, with no women and no children.

The Interior Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) released a report saying that the migrants had been the subject of multiple reports from breaking the house rules of the asylum home, acts of violence toward each other and even sexual assault toward fellow migrants and staff at the facility. The reports are not uncommon as Breitbart London has reported in the past that migrants  often have a poor view of female workers at asylum homes forcing many to adapt more conservative attitudes to dealing with them.

The Interior Ministry has also announced Thursday that they have made significant progress on investigations into the arson at the exhibition centre which has been presided over by the Civil Liberties Committee of the North Rhine-Westphalia parliament.  According to investigators there had been repeated clashes between specific groups of men which they say included multiple threats to burn down the hall. The initiators of the arguments, according to the committee, “were mostly people of North African origin.”

The committee supports the notion that the fire was set just after a dispute at the food counter though they are not clear as to whether the previous reports that the fire was set by a migrant angry over the lack of Ramadan wake up calls was true or whether the fire was a result of inter-migrant violence that had been present at the facility before.


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