UKIP MEP’s Office Window Smashed by Vandals

Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images

The window of a UKIP MEP’s office has been smashed by vandals. The damage to the property in Corby Old Village, Northamptonshire, is thought to have been done with a bottle.

The attack took place at the weekend, while Margot Parker, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the East Midlands, was attending UKIP’s North West Conference in Liverpool.

A spokesman from Northamptonshire Police said: “We had a report of an incident of criminal damage in the High Street.

“It was reported that a window had been smashed.

“It was reported to us on Saturday afternoon, but the exact time of the incident is not known.”

The spokesman told the Northamptonshire Telegraph that a bottle, believed to be the one used to smash Ms. Parker’s office window, was recovered from the scene.

Police are investigating the criminal damage, and urge witnesses or people with any information to contact them.

Anti-UKIP attacks are not uncommon. Last month Breitbart London reported that a pro-Brexit shop displaying UKIP posters had its windows smashed and its campaign materials defaced.

Last year, in a similar incident to that in Corby Old Village, UKIP’s Kidderminster office was attacked.

An investigation completed last April revealed that there was an average of three attacks a week on the party and its supporters. The study, by the International Business Times, found that more than 30 anti-UKIP attacks were launched in a 9 week period. Directed at UKIP candidates and supporters, the attacks  ranged from physical assaults, to vandalism and property damage.

Some of the incidents recorded include posters set on fire, billboards defaced and party offices vandalised. Also during this period, in March last year, demonstrators attacked UKIP leader Nigel Farage and his family. Having chased Mr. Farage, his wife and two children out of a pub the left wing mob proceeded to jump on his car bonnet.

This week Breitbart London revealed that during the referendum campaign there were two attempts to assassinate Mr. Farage, who stood down as leader of the party earlier this month.


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