LISTEN: Breitbart’s Kassam Destroys Pro-Shariah Muslim American On Sean Hannity Show


Speaking on the top-ranked syndicated Sean Hannity radio show in the wake of the Nice terror attack, Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam offered robust views on saving Western civilisation from Sharia and Islamification, and schooled a Muslim caller on what it means to be an apostate.

A Muslim caller to the show who described himself as an adherent to Sharia law rebuked the suggestion made that the parallel legal system was incompatible with American values, explaining he and his family were hard working and charitable.

Challenging the caller, Mr. Kassam said: “Omar, it’s Raheem. I’d like to speak to you directly if I may. You say you believe in sharia law, and one must assume you believe in the implementation of sharia law in the country in which you live.

“So tell the listeners to this show, do you believe that the punishment for adultery should be death? Do you believe that the punishment for apostasy should be death? Do you believe that voting is shirk [the Islamic sin of idolatry, therefore haram] and that no Muslim should take part? Do you believe in female genital mutilation? Do you believe in gender inequality? Do you believe that rape is not a felony? Do you believe that honour killings are alright?

“Tell everyone listening to this nationally syndicated show just exactly what you believe”.

When the caller started disputing the individual points of sharia law, saying there wasn’t a single book of law that all Muslims worldwide agreed on, Mr. Kassam retorted: “Omar, you are now saying you can pick and choose what sharia law is, is that right?”.

Show host Sean Hannity and guests Mr. Kassam and activist Pamella Geller extracted a confession that caller Omar from New Jersey didn’t believe in condemning homosexuals and adulterers to death — and therefore actual sharia law.

The Breitbart London editor pointed out that the ostensibly pro-Sharia caller was in fact an apostate, and would be facing the death penalty in many countries where Sharia law is in force. He said: “It boils down to this… Islam preaches death for apostasy. For a lot of Muslims in the world, I am an apostate. Omar, should I be killed?”.

When the caller answered in the negative, Raheem stated simply: “then you don’t beleive in sharia law, my friend. I’m afraid you’re just misled”.

Laying out the damage creeping sharia has already done to other non-Islamic countries including the United Kingdom Mr. Kassam said: “I see it every single day. I see it in our Sharia-compliant courts, I see it in Rotherham where white girls are groomed and raped and there is no police comeback… you are seeing a jihad, one of the core tenets of sharia being waged last night in Nice”.

Speaking on the events in Nice, in which 84 revellers were killed in a deadly Islamist vehicle attack and the failure of Western governments to react in any meaningful way, Mr. Kassam lamented: “You have a French President, you had a British Prime Minister, you have a new British prime minister, all of these people are doing exactly the same thing time and time again.

“What happens is one of these attacks happens, they come out and say ‘this is nothing to do with Islam’, [but then] we find out the person has been screaming ‘Allahu Akhbar’, and that they have been getting these tactics from ISIS magazines”.

Mr. Kassam continued: “They’re not willing to get a grip on this because that means they’d have to abandon the whole raison d’être behind the European Union. Open borders, which is free movement of people, which is ‘we’re all nice fluffy liberals, won’t you just love us’. Unfortunately, it is leading to death and blood on our streets.

“And not just ever year now as we used to see in the past. It is happening almost every week, or every few weeks. It hasn’t just been Charlie Hebdo, then the Paris attacks, then Brussels, and then this. But there have been a higher number of smaller-scale attacks that don’t get the mass media coverage because they kill two or three people.

“This is now almost a weekly situation that we have. But of course it’s never the radical Jews that do these things, never the radical Christians that do these things. We know it is happening certainly from one demographic alone”.

Responding to comments by former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich, since withdrawn, on the Sean Hannity Show the previous evening that radical Muslims be deported, Mr. Kassam said that even though he had grown up ina  Muslim household and new regulations could negatively impact on his own liberty, that would be an acceptable price to pay to save the United States.

Speaking on the Thursday Show, Mr. Gingrich had said: “Let me be as blunt and direct as I can be: Western civilisation is in a war. We should frankly test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in Sharia, they should be deported”.

Mr. Kassam said on Friday that he had felt safer, not victimised after he had been “profiled” at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport, and remarked: “I’m afraid our Western civilisation is totally at the brink of demise if we don’t do the same things in our countries”.

Responding to the suggestion by Mr. Gingrich, and by plans floated by Presidential candidate Donald Trump about banning Muslim migration into the United States, Mr. Kassam said: “I was brought up in a Muslim household and I’ll say the following to all your American listeners who have always welcomed me into your country… under a plan that keeps Muslims out of this country, I may be stopped from coming into [the United States].

“It is a country that I love to visit, and it is a country that I love the culture of, but I may be stopped.

“But I’m willing for that to happen because I see no other way than what Newt Gingrich is proposing at the moment. There is no other way to solve this crisis than to fully stop compliant Muslim immigration”.



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