BBC ‘Fixes’ Munich Killer Article Following Breitbart Expose Of Muslim Name Cover Up


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has corrected its coverage of Munich killer Ali David Sonbaly following a Breitbart London expose of how the global media giant was attempting to hide the murderers Muslim name.

Despite sources outwardly rejecting any link to radical Islam, the BBC still felt it necessary, in isolation, to scrub any reference to the name “Ali” in the killer’s name. The organisation chose to report his name as “David Sonbaly” on social media, on broadcast TV, and in its online coverage.

After Breitbart London reported the news, which subsequently featured on the powerful news aggregation site the Drudge Report, the BBC began to quietly alter its coverage.

The chyron on its broadcast news segments was quickly changed to add in “Ali”, and the original article was edited to include the name as his middle name. The BBC also added the line: “He has also been referred to as Ali David Sonboly, or David S.”.

Despite the alteration, the BBC has still not responded to a Breitbart London request for comment on the story.

We asked almost two hours before the ehange:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Could the BBC please explain the decision to only refer to Munich killer Ali David Sonboly as “David Sonboly”?

This is a pattern across online, broadcast, and social media and therefore leads me to believe this decision was taken at a very high level.

Could you please let me know who took this decision and when, and why?

I will be publishing on this shortly.

Kind regards,

Raheem Kassam

Editor in Chief

Breitbart London

The updated BBC article does not contain a correction or explanation for their editing.

BBC news anchors are, as of 3pm EST on Saturday afternoon, still referring to the killer as “David Sonboly”.


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