Peter Hitchens: The Catastrophe Theresa May Could Inflict If She Fails To Regain Control Of Our Borders

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Peter Hitchens writes in the Mail on Sunday:

It will be good for Britain if Jeremy Corbyn wins his fight to stay as leader of the Labour Party. I agree with the late Queen Mother that the best political arrangement for this country is a good old-fashioned conservative government kept on its toes by a strong Labour Opposition.

There’s no sign of a good old-fashioned conservative government. But Mr Corbyn speaks for a lot of people who feel left out of the recovery we are supposed to be having, and they need a powerful voice in Parliament.

There is nothing good (or conservative) about low wages, insecure jobs and a mad housing market which offers nothing but cramped rooms and high rents to young families just when they need space, proper houses with gardens, and security.

I only wish the voiceless millions of conservative patriots had a spokesman as clear and resolute as Mr Corbyn is for his side.

The truth is that both major parties have been taken over by the same cult, the Clinton-Blair fantasy that globalism, open borders and mass immigration will save the great nations of the West.
It hasn’t worked. In the USA it has failed so badly that the infuriated, scorned, impoverished voters of Middle America are on the point of electing a fake-conservative yahoo businessman as President.

So far we have been gentler with our complacent elite, perhaps too gentle. Our referendum majority for leaving the EU was a deep protest against many things. But it did not actually throw hundreds of useless MPs out on their ears, as needs to be done. They are all still there, drawing their pay and expenses.

So the Establishment has yet to realise just how much fury and impatience were expressed in that vote. Now we are in a very dangerous place. Theresa May’s back-to-normal Government has no idea how much disappointed rage it will unleash if it fails to regain control of our borders in the coming negotiations with the EU.

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