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Founding partner of SCM Private LLP Gina Miller (C) leaves after the High Court decides that the Prime Minister cannot trigger Brexit without the approval of the MP's at The Royal Courts Of Justice on November 3, 2016 in London, England. Leading legal figures have been arguing the historic case …

Brexit: Shakespeare Was Dead Right About Lawyers…

“Kill all the lawyers.” This has got to be my favourite line from Shakespeare – especially after the British High Court’s decision on the EU Referendum whereby a trio of left-leaning activist judges were able to overturn the democratic will of 17.4 million people by ruling: “No. That thing you all voted for. You can’t have it because obscure technical detail…”


New York Times Tries to Pin ‘Violence’ on Brexit Campaign

With characteristic subtlety, intelligence and insight, the New York Times has lumbered into the Brexit debate and dog-whistled its left-leaning readership with a piece heavy hinting that thanks to Nigel Farage Britain is the new Nazi Germany. Let’s examine its argument


PETER HITCHENS: America Isn’t Our Ally, She Destroyed Us

From the Daily Mail: Now will we grasp that the United States is not our friend, but a foreign country whose interests are often different from ours? President Obama’s blatant intervention in our internal affairs is not a sudden breach


Peter Hitchens: There Is Now No Difference Between Tories And New Labour

The Conservative Party has now almost completely morphed into New Labour, Mail on Sunday colunmist Peter Hitchens has said. Although most of the media commentariat heaped praise on the Prime Minister’s conference speech this week, Hitchens akses whether it was

Western hypocrisy

HITCHENS: Western Hypocrisy Over Russia Bombing, And Cultural Marxism 101

Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens has today slammed Western hypocrisy, singling out the British and American governments for their condemnation of, and distancing from the Russian attacks on terrorist targets in Syria. Writing in the Mail, Hitchens states: I don’t think


HITCHENS: European Christianity Destined to Become a Minority

Against the backdrop of the frankly insane immigration figures this week, the Mail on Sunday columnist and author Peter Hitchens has repeated his long-standing warning this week that Britain may well become a Muslim country within generations, and stated that